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The Nintendo Switch has put Nintendo back in the limelight. After the success of the original Wii and the failure of the Wii-U, it...

The Nintendo Switch has put Nintendo back in the limelight. After the success of the original Wii and the failure of the Wii-U, it seems that the mojo is finally back. Gamers everywhere are enjoying console-quality gaming on the go.

Not only has the Switch sparked the imagination of its consumers, it has also created an accessory niche that third-party companies are taking advantage of. Here are the best accessories you can get for your Nintendo Switch.

5. Screen Stand


With its detachable Joy-con controllers and overall portability, the Switch is practically begging for a stand. While this is a typically inexpensive accessory, there are a few features you’ll want to be sure to get: Adjustable angles is almost a requirement, as is the ability to fold the stand flat for easy packing. Finally, make sure the charging port is available for use while the Switch is sitting on its stand.

4. Joycon Grips


The detachable Joy-con controllers are easily one of the best features of the Switch. The portability and ability to turn one controller into a pair is brilliant. However, for those with larger hands, the Joy-cons can be a little problematic. And for travel, the Pro controllers can be too bulky. This is where Joy-con grips come into play! Like the stand, there are several companies making these products. If possible, get your hands on one before you buy – comfort is key.

3. External Battery



One of the most common complaints about the Switch is how fast the battery drains. For those with short commutes or easily accessible charging stations, it’s no big deal. For others, the relatively low battery life in the Switch is a deal breaker. Luckily, there are some external battery solutions available. While they are more expensive than some of the other accessories on this list, having a mounted backup battery on your Switch could be a necessity for long commutes or remote play sessions.

4. Dock Mount



Sticking the Switch dock in your television cabinet may not be the best way to get easy access to your device. And if it’s already cramped with other consoles, the unusual vertical orientation may not fit at all. So, mounting the dock may end up being your best bet. A third party solution like this one allows you to mount the Switch against your wall (or side of your cabinet) and even keep it running cool with a fan.

5. Nintendo Labo



Topping our list is Nintendo’s very own accessory called the Nintendo Labo. The Labo allows you to craft different cardboard “Toy-Con” creations like robots, guitars, stands, motorcycle handles and more. You can purchase a variety kit with a lot of different projects or single purpose kits. And of course, you can mix and match to create your own unique creations.

We give the Nintendo Labo high marks for out of the (cardboard) box thinking!

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