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Live Life in 4K with These Ultra Resolution Monitors!
While 4K technology has been available for some time now, it is becoming more and more affordable. More video games, streaming services and computer programs are taking advantage of the crystal-clear resolution, and we have our picks for best 4K monitors, all in one place for you to review!... Read more
Top Ten Things to Know About Google I/O 2018
Tuesday, May 8th marks the start of Google’s I/O press conference. What does Google I/O mean? What kind of things can you expect to see from Google during this event? Read on for our top ten things to know, including news, headlines, tech and more! Android P Photo Credit: Android... Read more
3 Big Takeaways from the Microsoft Build Confrence
Microsoft has slowly become this generations IBM. What I mean by this is they are your Dads tech co, that is not a good thing. For the last 2 days Microsoft has been hosting the Build Keynote to show us all they are not dead yet. After sorting through... Read more
The Best Gaming Mouse for Your Buck
When it comes to PC gaming, picking the right mouse is important! It’s the way you aim, point, select, and shoot! Finding a mouse with all the right features and at the right price point can be difficult, and with that in mind we’ve compiled a round-up of our... Read more
NVIDIA Shuts Down Unpopular GeForce Partner Program
NVIDIA has canceled its extremely unpopular GeForce Partner Program after a mere two months. The program comprised a series of guidelines and regulations on various computer and laptop manufacturers that was intended to, in NVIDIA’s words, ensure that “gamers who want NVIDIA tech get NVIDIA tech,” by having manufacturers... Read more
Our Favorite Smart Watches
Whether you like the style or the function, smart watches are a must-have piece of tech for those with a busy lifestyle. Functioning as watch, notification alert, fitness tracker and more, smart watches make a natural addition to the lifestyle of a busy professional, a fast-paced mom, and everyone... Read more
The Best Gaming Keyboards
For most, a keyboard is simply a keyboard. For a gamer, a gaming keyboard is a cross between a controller and a statement of purpose. A good gaming keyboard is an extension of oneself, the physical bridge to the digital world. Choosing the keyboard that works for you and... Read more
YouTube in Hot Water Following Controversy over Ads for Essay Writing Service
YouTube has taken down hundreds of videos from various content creators in response to a number of ads from “educational aid” service EduBirdie. EduBirdie offers essays on numerous topics, all unique and written with respect to various academic guidelines, such as MLA or Chicago style. The Ukranian company markets... Read more
Top 5 Tech Gifts to Blow Away Your Low-Tech Mom This Mothers Day
Its Monday, and you forgot Mothers day is less then a week away. I do it every year, I only remembered it this year because as usual it falls on the same weekend as the TPC at Sawgrass. Thankfully I have an Amazon Prime account and more then two... Read more
Top Ten Coolest Raspberry Pi DIY Projects
Anyone who has ever built their own computer and watched it whir to life for the first time can tell you the sheer joy of creating a complicated piece of technology with their own two hands. Operating in that same space is the Raspberry Pi family of DIY-friendly microcomputers.... Read more