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God of War is the Fastest Selling PS4 Game of All Time
He’s Back, Baby It took Kratos five whole years to star in another video game, but it only took him three days to sell 3.1 million copies of his new game. Released on April 20th, God of War is the first game in the series set after the story... Read more
The Best Raspberry Pi Starter Kits
The tiny, easily customizable computer Raspberry Pi is a very popular choice for aspiring tinkerers and DIY enthusiasts. The flexible, affordable Raspberry Pi technology is somewhat daunting for new users, so to help you make an informed decision, we’ve rounded up our favorite Raspberry Pi starter kits! Whether you’re... Read more
The Best Retro USB Controllers
Retro is back in a big way, and nothing shows that more than the popularity of retro re-releases like the SNES and NES Classic consoles, the presence of game anthologies on Steam, and RetroPie custom gaming rigs. If you’re a retro enthusiast, chances are you’re looking for the best... Read more
Twitter Urges All Users to Change Password
Thursday, Twitter began urging all 336 million of its users to change their passwords, following news that passwords had been erroneously stored in plaintext on an unencrypted log. Users logging in after Thursday are met with a pop-up urging them to change their passwords and explaining the situation. Jack... Read more
The Best VPNs
VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks, have become immensely popular lately. Whether you want to use one to increase your internet speed, browse more safely, or just watch Netflix episodes that are region-locked in your area, VPNs are awesome to have to increase your browsing experience! With that in mind,... Read more
The Gym is the place you  squeeze in to your busy day, for no other reason than it has to be.   You roll in to your local YMCA to workout and get out as quickly as possible completely sweaty and gross. This is the only acceptable place to... Read more
It’s Star Wars Day! Here is the Top 10 Coolest Tech From Our Favorite Space Opera.
May the 4th be with you! A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there’s some positively awesome pieces of technology. The Star Wars films paint a picture of an ancient, lived-in galactic community, with rusty, beat-up machines churning away at their tasks. With that in mind,... Read more
Our Favorite Smart Speakers
Smart devices are a fantastic companion to a busy lifestyle, helping you organize your event and play music with your voice. Streamlining all your digital needs with a virtual assistant is easier than ever thanks to the large number of smart speakers on the market. Which one is right... Read more
The Best Phones Money Can Buy
When it comes to premium smartphones, there’s certainly no shortage of choices out there for the discerning customer. If you’re on the lookout for the very best, look no further: here’s a round-up of the best of the best in the crowded smart phone field! Read on to find... Read more
Adobe Wants to Recruit Lifelong Fans with Huge K-12 Discount
Do you want access to the Adobe Creative Suite for $5 a year? Then you’re in luck…as long as you’re under 18. Adobe hopes that their latest promotion will introduce a whole new generation to their design tools. Major Discount for Kids Adobe announced that, starting May 15, students... Read more