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Aloe Bud Is the Self-Care App You Need Now
Do you ever feel stressed out? Well, there’s an app for that. Aloe Bud offers push notifications to remind you to be kind to yourself. You can configure notifications for everything from drinking more water, taking deep breaths, to getting up from your desk to move, and many other... Read more
Facebook Is Rolling Out a Downvote Button
Facebook is experimenting with a downvote button in certain markets. But before you get excited, it’s not the same thing as a dislike button. We’re still waiting for a thumbs-down react option, but in the meantime, there will be a new way to rank comments so that the “best”... Read more
Were You a 90s Kid? This Now-Ancient Tech Will Get Your Nostalgia Flowing!
Ah, the 90s. Technology was really picking up speed and the World Wide Web was beginning to unite the planet. Looking back, it’s easy to laugh at how bizarre or quaint some of the tech was. From the cast of Friends teaching you how to use Windows 95 to that... Read more
How Camera Lens Accessories Surpass Smartphone Camera Limitations
One of the greatest things about smartphones is the simple fact that you always have a camera on you. Gone are the days of lugging around a point-and-shoot camera… and thank goodness! To make matters even better, Apple, Samsung and other smartphone makers are constantly one-upping each other and... Read more
The Atari VCS Pre-Orders Start May 30 – Should You Get One?
Gaming enthusiasts of the retro persuasion will finally get a chance to pre-order the upcoming Atari VCS console on May 30th. If you are undecided on whether the two versions of Atari VCS are worth the $200 and $300 price tags, then read on for a quick roundup of... Read more
The Best Facebook Apps for Smartphones – Android Edition
The most popular social media service on the planet offers official apps for nearly every platform. But unfortunately for users, those official apps don’t always cater to their needs, or they may drain battery or slow down older Android devices. Luckily, there are some alternatives to the official apps... Read more
The Best Wireless Home Security Systems
Sadly we live in a world where  wireless home security systems are not just a necessity but vital. There are a lot of options for wireless home security systems, even do it our self options. Do-it-yourself setups are ideal for homeowners on a budget because they can save you... Read more
MoviePass is Raising Prices and Lowering Movie Tickets Per Month
Big-time movie fans were amazed and thrilled when a concept called MoviePass was first launched. For a single payment of $89.95 upfront, or $7.50 a month, a MoviePass customer could see one movie a day for a one-year subscription. For someone who sees multiple movies a month, or who... Read more
Gilfoyle’s Bitcoin Alert Noise from Silicon Valley Now Made a Reality
Spoilers for Silicon Valley Season 5, Episode 3 ahead Are you a fan of HBO’s hit comedy show Silicon Valley? Do you mine bitcoin? Did you find Gilfoyle’s use of death metal to alert himself to bitcoin rises and drops hilarious? Well, you’re in luck. Viska Offers Real Death... Read more
The Funniest Questions and Answers for Amazon’s Alexa
We’ve all asked our digital assistant silly questions just to see how they would answer. It helps offset the reality that you are actually talking to an inanimate object… The folks at Amazon have proven that they are good for a laugh by programming some humor into Alexa. Try... Read more