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OnePlus 6: A Great Phone (For the Price)
OnePlus has made something of a name for themselves as makers of cheap alternatives to Samsung and Google phones. The OnePlus 6, their 2018 flagship, is no different. Retailing for a cool $529, and sold unlocked on their website, the OnePlus 6 is a great budget choice for a... Read more
Interested in a New Soundbar? Find Out Which One is the Best!
As TV panels get more impressive and their cases get ever thinner, their speakers become less and less impressive. Most new 4K TV panels have pretty laughable sound quality. To remedy this, many turn to soundbars in order to help their shows and movies sound more impressive! If you’re looking to upgrade your living room... Read more
Which is the Best Gaming Headset? Let’s Find Out!
Whether you’re looking to tackle a huge, single-player adventure or help your teammates secure victory in a team-based game, you’re going to want a good sound experience. Some people want headsets for their promise of great, surround-quality sound. Others want them so they can communicate with teammates. In either event, we’ve got a... Read more
Looking for a Weird Game? Here’s the Ten Weirdest Games for iOS
Sometimes you don’t want to play by the rules and do normal stuff. Sometimes you want to let loose and be a little weird. If you’re looking for something delightfully odd and wickedly weird, we’ve got something for you! Check out our list of the top ten weird games to... Read more
Which Companies are Leading the Race for First Driverless Car?
The future of commuting is looking ever more and more like a driverless one. Maybe someday driving cars will be as quaint a pastime as riding horses or hopping in a horse-drawn carriage. However, that reality isn’t upon us yet: there are a number of kinks that need to be worked out of the technology... Read more
Top 5 Battle Royale Games on iOS
They are taking over the app store as the next big thing in mobile gaming. They are fun, chaotic, and extremely intense. As with any big gaming trend in the app store once something hits big with popularity the market gets flooded with knock offs and wanna-bes’. So here... Read more
GoodBye 14 inch Razer Blade,  Hello 15.6 inch
Razer is the hipster king of gaming laptops. For the last 5 years the 14 inch Razer Blade has been the cornerstone of their lineup. That is  all going to change now. No longer will Razer be offering the 14 inch super laptop. Instead they will be offering a... Read more
H1Z1 Open Beta Begins on PS4 (Finally)
The zombie-shooting survival game that metamorphized into a battle royale shooter finally hit PS4 in open beta. If you’ve somehow missed the battle royale craze, it’s a genre of shooting game where a large number of players are airdropped onto a map and fight to see who will be the last man standing. Based on the popular Japanese novel (and... Read more
Ten Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do With Your Chromecast!
Your Chromecast is pretty handy. In fact, it’s so handy, it’s probably got a ton of functionality you’re not even familiar with. How is this possible? Well, that’s Google for you: they cram every bit of functionality you can imagine into their products. Without any more delay, let’s dive in:... Read more
Companies to Watch in Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence is the future of technology. Because of this, several companies are all vying for supremacy in the race to create the best AI, and the race is only heating up. In the next few years, we’re likely to see tremendous leaps in the functionality and intelligence of... Read more