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Gadget News: Portable Edge Desk
After experiencing a great amount of success on Kickstarter, the Edge Desk is now available. The $400 portable desk is a great choice for those looking for a portable home office that scan stow away in a closet or under a bed.  Unusual Seating Arrangement  The seat of the... Read more
Rumor Roundup: What Can we Expect to See at Comic-Con?
San Diego Comic Con starts on July 19th, which means we’re less than a month away from the biggest comic book show in the world. Comics aren’t the only focus of the mega-convention, though: movies, TV and video games are always heavily featured. What kinds of things can we... Read more
BlackBerry Key 2 Feature Roundup 
Believe it or not, some people still prefer a physical keyboard on their smartphones. BlackBerry was quite well-known in the early 2000’s for making early smartphones. And yes, those had physical keyboards too. The release of the iPhone brought about a near-universal change in the realm of smartphones, though, and most... Read more
Flop Ten: The Biggest Console Flops of all Time
Today, instead of our usual Top Ten, we’re bringing you a Flop Ten! Everyone loves to look back at their favorite game consoles and remember the great times they had with them. However, it’s almost as fun to go back and poke fun at the worst consoles of all... Read more
MacOS Mojave Beta: Feature Roundup
The biggest overhaul to Mac’s OS, the Mojave, is finally in public beta. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, we’ve got a roundup of some of the most notable new features right here for you. Fair warning: this is a pretty early MacOS Mojave beta,... Read more
Facebook Keyword Snooze, Finally We Can Hide Topics in Facebook
How many times have we had to avoid Facebook when our favorite teams are playing for fear of getting updates on the big games you have DVR’ed for later. Not to mention avoiding Game of Thrones spoilers as I tried to catch up on the latest season. Facebook has... Read more
Tech Throwback: Web TV
I like to take a look at where I’ve been to evaluate where Im going. Technology is cyclical after all… wait no its not. That said I still like all the feels that come rushing back like a flood of nostalgia every time I get my hand on the... Read more
Cooler Master CK552 Feature Roundup
Cooler Master’s newest keyboard, the Cooler Master CK552, released on June 19th. It’s available exclusively through Best Buy. Today we’re rounding up its biggest features and giving you our thoughts! It’s out now for $79, which is a reasonably low price for a mechanical gaming keyboard. Is it good enough to... Read more
Our Favorite Sleeping Bag for Summer Adventures
If you’re a camper or backpacker, you’re certainly aware of how important a good sleeping bag is. The last thing you want is to be uncomfortable while trying to catch some winks in the wilderness. Whether your bag is too heavy for your pack, traps moisture too easily or... Read more
Samsung Galaxy S10 Rumor Roundup
Samsung’s popular range of Galaxy phones are known for being some of the very best smartphones to run Android. As such, it’s understandable that rumors regarding the upcoming releases in the family are eagerly churned out. Which rumors about the Galaxy S10 are the loudest, and which are the... Read more