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Ten Takeaways from iOS 12 Beta
The public beta for iOS 12 is here! That means it’s time to dig in and talk shop. First things first, remember this is a beta, so don’t go installing it on your main phone. Grab an old iPad or something if you wanna try it out. That said, we’ve got... Read more
Which Bitcoin Wallet is the Best for You?
Once you’ve bought, or mined, your bitcoin, you’ll need somewhere to keep them if you don’t plan on using them on an exchange right away. There are a few different applications, or wallets, that you can store them in. Today, we’re rounding up a few of our favorite “hot”... Read more
Mouse and Keyboard Controls Coming to Xbox One Soon
Microsoft’s initiative to make their home console as accessible as possible continues with support for mouse and keyboard controls. A recently leaked internal video aimed at developers outlined the company’s plans to extend full support for the control scheme soon. According to the video, any non-Bluetooth Windows mouse and any USB... Read more
2019 Ford F-150

2019 Ford F-150

CarsNews June 26, 2018 0

Ford’s name carries some serious weight in the world of pickups. If you’re a fan of towing capacity, cab size and general ruggedness, odds are you like Ford’s F-150 range of trucks.  We’ve got some awesome news for you, then: the 2019 Ford F-150 Limited is getting the engine from... Read more
Rumor Roundup: Google Pixel 3
Google’s Pixel line of phones hasn’t dethroned iPhone the way it may have hoped, but it’s done a fair job impressing reviewers. The Pixel 2, for instance, is considered one of the best smartphones in the world right now. Behind, of course, the Galaxy 9 and iPhone X. That one likely stings... Read more
Qualcomm Gunning for Intel: Snapdragon 1000
It’s been a rough month for Intel. AMD unveiled the unprecedented power of their 32-core Threadripper processor, and Intel struggled to show anything comparable. In fact, they misrepresented prototype CPUs in a pitiful attempt to match AMD’s behemoth. Then, their CEO stepped down last week amidst a scandal involving a relationship... Read more
GameStop Struggling, Looking to Trade in Franchise
The world has changed. GameStop has confirmed that they’re in talks to sell to Sycamore Partners to break even on their struggling business. Ten years ago, the company was worth nearly ten billion dollars. Last year, they closed over 150 stores. What happened to the once-dominant retailer?  Rise of... Read more
Feature Round-Up: Acer Chromebook Tab 10
While Android tablets are all but dead now, Google is still interested in using tablets for educators and students. To that end, the first tablet running Chrome OS, the Chromebook Tab 10, is slated to be the best classroom slate yet. We’ve got a quick roundup of some of... Read more
Top Ten Cyberpunk Movies of All Time
All things dark and brooding meet with awesome bleeding-edge sci-fi in the Cyberpunk genre. Popularized by authors like William Gibson, Bruce Sterling and Walter John Williams, the genre is seeing a surge of popularity today. Notably, a new video game based on the popular tabletop RPG, Cyberpunk 2077, showed... Read more
Changes We Want to See in the Next iPhone
Apple’s iPhone X made waves when it was released last year, but maybe not as many as the American tech giant would have liked. While the launch wasn’t a flop by any means, it could have been bigger. What could Apple have done to make the phone more desirable?... Read more