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Careers as a Medical Billing Specialist Careers as a Medical Billing Specialist
A career in medical billing is a growing field that allows you to work within the healthcare industry. While you’re not dealing directly with... Careers as a Medical Billing Specialist

A career in medical billing is a growing field that allows you to work within the healthcare industry. While you’re not dealing directly with patients, you’re providing a valuable skill that is the foundation of a great healthcare system.

A medical billing specialist has a unique role in the world of healthcare that isn’t diminished by being behind the scenes compared to the role of a doctor or nurse. Are you looking for a new career? Great with data and numbers? Interested in the growing health care field but don’t have an advanced degree? You should definitely consider becoming a medical billing specialist. Check out some important information about the medical billing career that we put together!

Medical Billing Specialist Schooling Requirements

There’s no degree associated with a job as a medical billing specialist. However, there are a number of programs you can attend to get a certificate for the position. Most employers would prefer to employ specialists with certificates, so they are well-worth acquiring.

Additionally, specialists will need a basic understanding of medical and biological terminology. This is because they have to input codes for billing based on procedure and need to understand what those procedures entail.


Specialists typically work inside a hospital, doctor’s office or nursing homes. They could also work in a therapist’s office or a similar environment. Essentially, any place that offers medical treatments and accepts health insurance is in need of at least one medical billing specialist.

The work can be described as, generally, medium-stress and not physically taxing. It’s largely typical of office work and involves working from a desk at a computer. This means that people who want to work in the medical field, but maybe not be in the thick of it, would enjoy this type of career.

Medical Coding

The medical coding performed by a billing specialist is very important. For one thing, they’re the way that the hospital gets paid. For another, they’re highly specialized. If someone inputs the wrong code, the wrong amount of money will be billed, which simply can’t happen! Jokes aside, the type of coding is called ICD-10, which is what you learn during certification.

Once that information is input into the system, it’s updated alongside a patient’s file. That means that working as a billing specialist is really important for both record-keeping and medical accuracy. Typically, this also means that billing specialists will work closely with doctors and nurses to ensure that a patient’s information is correct in their file. The last thing you want is to bill a company for a procedure that didn’t happen!

Reasons to Work in This Field

There is ample work to be found in this field! For one, there is a great amount of demand. There is a large aging population that will need medical service, and that service will require billing! That means that there is a good deal of demand and job security. If you’re looking for a career opportunity with growth, this is also one great part of this field.

The medical administration field grows as the medical field does. Administrative positions generally oversee things like personnel, filing and, of course, billing. The type of work wouldn’t change much, though the opportunity for advancement would be a great draw! That’s a lot of upsides for a career path that doesn’t necessarily require a 4-year degree.

Type of Work

The type of work performed by a billing specialist includes inputting codes into computer software to send bills to an insurance company. This means that the work is primarily from a desk, on a computer and involves mostly data entry. If you don’t mind sitting at a desk to work, and you’re proficient at entering data from a chart, this type of work might be right for you!

The job of a billing specialist is an important one. For one thing, it’s the main way hospitals and the like get paid by insurance agencies! That means that, for people to receive adequate care, the billing specialist has to be doing their job! That makes them just as important as other medical professionals, although they are primarily behind the scenes.

Average Pay

On average, billing specialists make about $38,000 per year, or roughly $18 per hour. That’s not too bad, considering the position doesn’t require a 4-year degree! Maybe a job as a billing specialist is right for you!

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