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Aching Joints? Try These Arthritis Remedies Aching Joints? Try These Arthritis Remedies
Think you know everything about arthritis? More than 50 million people in the United States are affected by arthritis, and up to 67 million... Aching Joints? Try These Arthritis Remedies

Think you know everything about arthritis? More than 50 million people in the United States are affected by arthritis, and up to 67 million are expected to be diagnosed by the year 2030. Arthritis pain can be downright incapacitating if it gets intense enough.

Wrists and joints ache and you feel as though nothing can make you feel normal. When not properly treated, arthritis can be damaging to many aspects of people’s lives, causing all kinds of physical and emotional issues stemming from chronic pain and the loss of mobility. There has been much research into arthritis remedies for those suffering with aching joints. Here are a few you can try.

Top Arthritis Remedies

Hot and Cold Therapy

Hot and cold therapy can do wonders for aching joints from arthritis. Taking a nice, long and hot bath or shower in the morning can do aching joints wonders. Alternatively, using electric blankets or heating pads can help to relax stiff joints.

On the other hand ice therapy can be used to alleviate intense pain rapidly. Ice packs wrapped in towels and applied to sore joints can provide fast relief. Follow this cold treatment with a bit of heat treatment for relief from joint pain!


Consider adding turmeric to your diet in higher quantities. This root plant is a known anti-inflammatory and has been used as a natural remedy for hundreds of years. You can add it to dishes easily, as it is a common spice. It tastes really good, too! While it’s not a cure-all, you might find it helps to alleviate symptoms of joint pain. At the very worst, it’ll add some spice to your dishes!


Did you know that cocoa provides an abundant source of phytochemicals? You might not know much about phytochemicals, but this odd ingredient means cocoa is an antioxidant – and antioxidants are known to help with cardiovascular health, brain function, and cancer prevention. If you have RA, consuming cocoa (yes, even in the form of chocolate) can also benefit your immune system.

Chocolate, specifically dark chocolate, can significantly reduce inflammation throughout the body. Cocoa properties are known to decrease COX-2 enzymes that cause inflammation, meaning every bite of dark chocolate helps decrease what’s causing your aches and pains.

When you consume chocolate, it triggers the release of serotonin in the brain – or what many people call “the happiness chemical.” Serotonin literally changes your mindset, releasing happiness and lifting your mood.

Suffering from the symptoms of RA can have a devastating impact on your well-being. However, treating yourself with dark chocolate can help combat both a bad mood and a little of your pain. Enjoying dark chocolate (in moderation, of course) is enough to lift up your spirits, even if just for a moment.


The use of acupuncture for treating pain is a bit contentious. However, many patients claim that their chronic pain symptoms are greatly alleviated by acupuncture. Consider visiting a specialist for a consultation and a quote! They might be able to help you.


Along those same lines, you could consider visiting a massage therapist. They could use massage techniques to help relax your muscles and loosen stiff joints. Alternatively, you could work with a physical therapist to learn techniques of self-massage if it would be difficult to see a professional regularly.


Make sure you get lots of exercise! Simply staying active can work wonders on aching or stiff joints. Make sure you walk often and don’t spend all day indoors. Try a combination of these arthritis remedies and hopefully they will alleviate your symptoms!

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