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Stop Losing Luggage!..Best Luggage Tracking Options Stop Losing Luggage!..Best Luggage Tracking Options
We’ve all been there. Waiting for your luggage to come around that conveyor belt, patiently standing around, just to realize that you’ve seen that... Stop Losing Luggage!..Best Luggage Tracking Options

We’ve all been there. Waiting for your luggage to come around that conveyor belt, patiently standing around, just to realize that you’ve seen that pink suitcase come around three times and there’s no sign of your luggage.

If you’ve ever waited impatiently at a baggage claim only to slowly realize your luggage is not among the bags and boxes and suitcases on the carousel, you understand the frustration that can come from lost luggage. If you travel often, it’s not a question of if, but of when, you will find yourself standing in an airport somewhere wondering where your luggage is. Thanks to innovative technology, however, there is a solution that can help you keep track of your luggage no matter where it ends up. Luggage GPS locators are a small devices that attach to your luggage and work in much the same way as a cell phone over a GSM cellular network, helping to reunite you with your lost luggage, rather than waiting for the people who lost your luggage in the first place to find it for you.

These devices are designed to alert travelers to the location of their luggage quickly and easily, and there are quite a few to choose from, including LugLoc, Tile, Trackr and TrakDot. If you’re a frequent traveler or even an occasional traveler worried about keeping track of your luggage, keep reading to learn more about this innovative technology, so you never have to wonder where your luggage ended up again.

Best Luggage Tracking Options

Trak Dot

TrakDot is a popular device for keeping track of your luggage while you travel by using cellphone towers to pinpoint an approximate location. TrakDot uses two AA batteries and is a bit smaller than other gps tracking devices. The fairly small device fits right inside your luggage is fully airline compliant and you can track where the device is within a radius through the Trak Dot website.

TrakDot retails for around $50, which includes unlimited tracking in the first year, and then $19.99 per year after that, making this a great value for people who frequently travel.


A popular option, LugLoc is a GPS-enabled luggage tracker that you can pick up for roughly $60 (less if you purchase multiple units).  It’s about $5 per month for the tracking service and access to the mobile tracking app, and you get your first 30 days with the service for free. In order for the device to be able to send a signal from anywhere in the world, it has to be equipped with a SIM card, much like your cell phone uses. LugLoc comes with its own SIM card, allowing your lost luggage to be located virtually anywhere it may end up. Once the luggage is tracked, the location will be sent to your mobile app.

LugLoc offers several payment options, including paying only when you use the service. For frequent travelers, however, paying monthly may be the more cost-effective option. To use the device, you’ll need to charge it before you leave, and a single charge lasts up to 15 days.

While the device is fairly accurate in locating your lost luggage, you won’t get an exact location. The LugLoc tracker tells you where your luggage is within a radius, allowing you to narrow down where it’s gone. That way, you have a good sense of whether it even came on the plane with you, is lost somewhere in the airport, or has been accidentally taken off.

Other Options

While those are the two most popular GPS-enabled devices, they’re not the only tracking solutions available. Other luggage tracking options include smaller devices, such as Tile and Trackr, which can be attached to a variety of things, including luggage, keys, purses and backpacks, so you’re never left wondering where you’ve left something.

Mainly these are used for keys or the remote control to the TV, but they can function as luggage trackers, too. These tiny devices are about the size of a quarter, have replaceable batteries and can easily be attached to your luggage or placed inside. They work by using Bluetooth technology, so they aren’t as far-reaching as other luggage tracking options, but can be a great way to locate lost items in your vicinity, which is especially great when traveling.

Regardless of which luggage tracking device you choose, be sure to consider cost and read user reviews, so you can get the best device for your needs and budget. Once you’ve found the one that works best for you, you can say goodbye to lost luggage forever with these handy devices! Happy travels!

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