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Time to Give Your old Boots the Boot: Best Boot Deals for Fall
Maybe at one point in time it was okay to just have one pair of boots for the Fall season. However, in today’s fashion world, there are so many wonderful styles to try out. How can you not love some of these new fashions, silhouettes and color combinations? Here... Read more
Samsung Galaxy S10 Rumors and Speculation
While the Samsung Galaxy S9 is a relatively new phone, Samsung is likely to have another flagship up their sleeves. Notably, this is likely not the foldable phone Samsung showed off onstage in November, but another traditional entry in the Galaxy line. Here’s all the rumors and speculation about... Read more
Best  Adjustable Beds for Seniors
Sleeping is my favorite hobbies and activity. By a far margin, I love to sleep. I can plop down anywhere and just snooze. However as we get older sleeping becomes more difficult, time and wear take there toll and you need the right mattress to recharge your body. The... Read more
7 Signs of Hearing Loss
The signs of hearing loss can be subtle and emerge slowly, or early signs of hearing loss can be significant and come about suddenly. Either way, there are common indications and hearing impaired signs. You should suspect hearing loss if you experience any of the signs below. Hearing Loss... Read more