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Is an AARP Membership Worth it? Is an AARP Membership Worth it?
Maybe you’ve heard about AARP membership and the benefits that entails. Whether online, through advertisements or on TV, you may have heard about the... Is an AARP Membership Worth it?

Maybe you’ve heard about AARP membership and the benefits that entails. Whether online, through advertisements or on TV, you may have heard about the upsides of AARP memberships. Today we’re going to explain some of the upsides to an AARP membership and discuss whether it’s worth it or if you’d be better off not spending the money for the membership. Let’s talk AARP memberships!

Is an AARP Membership Worth it?

Travel Deals

A notable benefit to AARP membership is the kinds of deals you get on travel. If you’re a retired person, odds are good that you’re looking to travel some. However, you’re likely also looking to save money on any given trip you take, since funds aren’t unlimited when you’re retired. The AARP offers a number of great deals to help in this regard!

Hotel deals up to 20% off are available and chains like Wyndham Hotels and Days Inn. In addition, there are 35% off deals available through Endless Vacation Rentals. Similarly, members of AARP also get access to deals on rental cars. Notably, there’s a 30% discount on memberships with Zipcar rental service. That’s in addition to percentages off of various car rentals from other chains.

Another perk is through the AARP Travel Center, which is an Expedia service. The Travel Center posts great deals on flights, and the deals are only available for members. Additionally, the Travel Center offers exclusive deals on cruises through Windstar, Norwegian and other cruise lines.

Travel Deals Without AARP

It’s worth noting that if you are considering joining the AARP strictly for the travel discounts, there are other discount you can consider that don’t require you join the AARP. For instance, you could go with the base senior discount you get at the Marriot, with is 15% off of your stay for people over 62. Best Western, likewise, offers 10% to people over 55!

Airlines often offer discounts for seniors over 55, too. Southwest is one example of such an airline. Similarly, many flight booking sites will offer discounts for seniors as well. Examples include OneTravel and Travelation, though these aren’t the only ones.

Further, you can often find even better rates than these for some flights. Just keep your eyes peeled when you’re comparing prices online. You never know what kind of deals you might find! There’s no point in shopping at a site with a discount if the base price somewhere else is lower for that same ticket. Just make sure to do your research!

Auto Insurance

Members with AARP cards can also get discounts on their auto insurance. The AARP offers a discount on auto insurance through The Hartford. Their website claims that, on average, members who use this discounted car insurance can save as much as $404 per year on their auto policy! This, of course, depends on your current insurance provider, age, driving history and location. However, it’s worth looking into if you’ve got an AARP membership and want to find out if you could save on your insurance.

Pros and Cons of AARP Membership

The first thing to consider when asking yourself if an AARP membership is worth it is to consider the price. Membership is only $16 a year, so if the membership saves you 17 bucks before the year is out, then it’s paid for itself, right? Well, sort of. Savings can only be calculated this way if they are savings on things you would otherwise be doing. If you’re going out of your way to spend money on something just because you have a discount for it, you aren’t actually saving.

Case in point: let’s say you’re getting ready to go on a vacation and feel like the price is going to bit a bit high. Then, you compare your vacation’s rates with the discounts you could receive through an AARP membership. If the discounts through a membership would save you more than $16, then perhaps you should consider signing up! If not, maybe you shouldn’t.

A big plus for the AARP is that you only need to be 50 to sign up. That’s well before many establishments begin to offer senior discounts. Most places require you be 55 at the youngest before you’re eligible for any kind of discount. The AARP, on the other hand, lets you get started saving on various things a full five years ahead of the most generous senior discounts.

So, is an AARP membership right for you? That’s up for you to decide. However, there are a number of great upsides to it that make it appealing for most people over 50!