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Meet the New 2019 Ford Ranger Pickup Meet the New 2019 Ford Ranger Pickup
Eight years since the last time we saw a Ford Ranger, the line has been resurrected and rides again. That’s right, 2019 is the... Meet the New 2019 Ford Ranger Pickup

Eight years since the last time we saw a Ford Ranger, the line has been resurrected and rides again. That’s right, 2019 is the return of the Ford Ranger! The mean new appearance and steel frame give it a new edge that makes it that much more of a powerhouse. There’s a lot of cool new features on display with the all-new 2019 Ford Ranger. While fans of Ford’s production will love it, is the new Ford Ranger pickup right for the average driver?

New 2019 Ford Ranger Pickup

The Body

In appearance, the new Ford Ranger has more in common visually with its Ford F-150 cousin than the line from which it gets its name. The vehicle is far from an all-new beast, though: the front grille and headlight spacing are both reminiscent of the original Ranger designs.

Fans of the older, smaller Ford Ranger might be a bit disappointed by the larger body and big cab interior. However, smaller pickups have been out of fashion for a while, and soaring sales of full-sized trucks have driven the trends to bigger vehicles.

However, those looking for a more trim, zippy truck shouldn’t fret: the new Ranger is still notably smaller than the F-150. The Ranger is definitely a great midway point for those who don’t quite wanta full-sized truck but still want to drive a pick-up truck.

Under the Hood

The most notable aspect of any given Ford vehicle is always the engine. Ford’s powertrains are always powerful and impressive, and the new Ford Ranger is no different. The engine puts out a powerful 270-horsepower and does so on a Turbo 4-cylinder build. While it might sound like the engine would slurp down gas like no one’s business, this isn’t even the case! It sports a solid 21 miles per gallon in the city and 26 miles on the highway.

Options Aplenty

There are a number of options on display with the Ranger. For instance, there are two different cabs to choose from. SuperCab and SuperCrew each sport variations on the modern Ford interior, including infotainment systems, Ford Sync 3, Alexa functionality and Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

Off-roading options are available, including skid plates and off-road tires. Those looking for a meaner machine can also opt for higher power LED head and tail lights, Ford Smart Trailer Tow connector and several other great options. What’s more: even more options are available throughout the various trim levels, letting you choose just how luxurious you want your truck to be.

Trim Levels

When the Ford Ranger hits dealerships near you, it’ll be with three trim levels. The first of these is the XL, followed by the XLT trim level and finally the Lariat trim. There are also packages available for off-roading available in the XLT and Lariat trims, the FX4 and FX2 packages. For those who love the look of their vehicles, Sport and Chrome appearance packages are both available to spice up your ride.

Off-road tuned shocks, Terrain Management system and tuned-up suspension are all available for the off-roading packages. These features might sound familiar to Ford faithful: a lot of these features have already been seen on the F-150 Raptor pattern trucks.  The Terrain Management System, for instance, first appeared on that vehicle. This system helps your vehicle change into different modes for various grass, gravel, sand and snow conditions, allowing it to grip and perform in any terrain.

As for other features, the trim levels introduce a number of higher-end safety features. For instance, the XLT and Lariat trims both offer blind-spot monitoring, rear park assist, lane departure warning and more. All trim levels will be including emergency braking and a few other features.

Interior Options

The Ranger has an infotainment system that sports an 8-inch screen, giving drivers and passengers both access to the fun features within. As we mentioned earlier, all trim levels include Amazon Alexa support as well as Apple and Android phone integration. Passengers can use optional 4G LTE in the vehicle if you opt for this option, and you could also upgrade to the LCD productivity screen for the instrument cluster.

The productivity screen includes navigation maps and GPS audio at the same time. Another option you can scale up to is the Bang & Olufsen Play audio system. This allows you to upgrade your system if you’re a big audiophile and plan on jamming loud music in your vehicle.

Pricing and Availability

The base XL trim starts right at $24,300, which makes the Ranger a very competitively-priced vehicle. This puts it in the same range as the GMC Canyon and Toyota Tacoma vehicles. On the other end of the spectrum, the Lariat trim level with all-wheel drive and all the fixings will run you a solid $38,385, making it a competitor for high-end trucks in the field.