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Hurricane Michael Was Category 5 When it Touched Down: Updates
When Hurricane Michael made landfall on the Florida Panhandle in October of 2018, it caused absolute havoc. The storm was originally estimated to have hit at Category 4, though it seems that categorization might have been incorrect. New post-storm analyses show it hit at Category 5 when it touched... Read more
Ever Wondered What Jason Momoa Looks Like Without a Beard?
Jason Momoa is a very beloved actor and is known for his good looks, big muscles and killer beard. In a new YouTube video Momoa, who has played Aquaman and Khal Drogo, shaves off his famous beard, causing tons of his fans to cry out and ask “why?”. There’s... Read more
Which Smartwatch Should You Buy? Samsung vs Apple
The Apple Watch Series 4 finally has a true competitor in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. The two tech giants are each pitting their best wearable tech against the other. If you’re wondering which of these two excellent smart watches is right for you, read on.... Read more
Early Galaxy Fold Models Experiencing Critical Failures
Samsung’s taking a huge gamble with their foldable smartphone. The Galaxy Fold is the first foldable smartphone with a plastic display hitting the market. However, within a few hours of each other, several prominent reviewers had their Fold review models begin experiencing critical screen failures and issues. Galaxy Fold... Read more
Sega Genesis Mini Games and Details: What and When?
For a certain generation, the Sega Genesis defines what gaming looked like in the early 90’s. The slick, fast-paced action of Sonic the Hedgehog, Streets of Rage and Gunstar Heroes has always been synonymous with Sega. Now, we can look forward to the upcoming Sega Genesis Mini to recapture... Read more
Attorney General Barr Releases Full Mueller Report
Despite the lengthy investigation and contentious creation of the report, Mueller’s full (well, slightly redacted) report has been made public. The release followed a press release by Attorney General Barr. On March 22nd, Robert Mueller’s team turned the report over to Attorney General Barr, who, in turn, provided a... Read more
Best Home Security Systems
Everyone wants their own home to feel like a safe haven. The big wide world can be a scary, chaotic place. You want home to be your sanctuary, and that’s totally fine. As such, you’re looking for the best in home security systems. Today we’re helping you find just... Read more
Super Smash Bros. First DLC Character Now Live
Super Smash Bros Ultimate was one of the biggest game launches of last year, and the game is still going strong. The ever-popular crossover fighter has seen great sales through into this year, too. The first DLC character from the Fighters Pass, Joker from Persona, is now live. The... Read more
The Best Full-Sized Pickups in 2019
Who doesn’t love the feel of climbing into the cab of a full-sized pickup? The towing capacity, cab size and comfortable ride of a pickup is hard to find elsewhere on the new car market. If you’re looking for a new pickup in 2019, here are some of the... Read more
Should You Get an Amazon Alexa?
Amazon’s ever-popular Alexa is something of a phenomenon. It seems like so many people have Alexa-enabled devices now, so it’s time to ask the question. Should you get an Amazon Alexa? Today we’re going to look at what Alexa does and whether it would be right for you. Amazon... Read more