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Preventing Porch Pirates: Protect your Packages
Porch pirates, or people who steal your packages off your front porch, are a serious problem in the age of Amazon. You’re likely to have dozens of packages delivered to your front door every year, and each one that gets dropped off while you’re at work is liable to... Read more
Xiaomi Mi A3 Review: A Worthwhile Budget Android Phone?
Fans of Android phones have a big leg up on iPhone users when it comes to budget options. If you like high-end smartphones, both Android and iOS have great flagships you can pick up. However, if you’re in the market for a smartphone under $300 and you like iOS,... Read more
Which 4K TV Should You Buy? Our Tips
If you’re in the market for a new 4K TV, there’s a ton of options on the market for you to check out. The two biggest brands in the business of making TVs are easily Samsung and LG, though thy market their panels under different names. Samsung’s TVs are... Read more
Best Deals on Laptops
Having a nice smartphone is cool, and a good tablet can be great for entertainment uses around the house. When it comes to productivity and getting things done, however, what you really need is a full-fledged laptop. As long as you’re not looking to go too far into the... Read more
Signs of Depression You Shouldn’t Ignore
Life isn’t easy: everyone has moments when they feel low, lonely or sad. That’s to be expected, and a bit of the blues is perfectly normal for someone to go through. However, when loneliness and sadness become so profound that you feel as though they’re impacting your ability to... Read more
Two New Joy Con Colors and Better Switch Battery Life
Only a short week after unveiling the new Switch Lite system, Nintendo has announced two new pieces of news for their incredibly popular hybrid console. The first is that there are two new color combinations for Joy Cons coming soon. The second is that an upcoming hardware refresh for... Read more
Best Bluetooth Speakers for Your Summer Cookout
There’s nothing quite like having friends and family over in the backyard while you’re grilling burgers and hot dogs in the back. While you’re at it, why not throw on some great tunes to get the party really going? Today we’re looking at some of the best Bluetooth speakers... Read more
iOS 13 Beta: New Features and What to Expect
Every year or so, a new update for Apple’s cellphone operating system, iOS, begins making the rounds. This time around, it’s lucky number 13, and there’s a wealth of new features and quality of life updates coming down the pipeline for Apple’s OS. Today we’re giving you the scoop... Read more
Tesla Cuts Prices Across Product Range
Tesla, the fan-favorite controversial electric carmaker, has cut prices across their entire product range as the tax credits on their vehicles fades towards the end of 2019. Previously, before 2019 started, Tesla customers in the US could get a $7,500 tax credit. From January 1st on that credit declined... Read more
Snapdragon 855+: What’s Up With this New Android Chip?
Qualcomm, one of the biggest manufacturers of Android phone chips, has announced a mid-cycle upgrade for their Snapdragon 855 system on a chip (SoC). The newly-announced Snapdragon 855+ is still an eight-core SoC, and it’s still 7nm, but it has some notable upgrades. What does this mean for upcoming... Read more