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Best Bluetooth Headphones for Running Best Bluetooth Headphones for Running
Running is pretty much the healthiest things you can do with a spare half-hour. The exercise and cardio you get from going out for... Best Bluetooth Headphones for Running

Running is pretty much the healthiest things you can do with a spare half-hour. The exercise and cardio you get from going out for a jog can help you to stay in shape and stave off all kinds of diseases related to a sedentary lifestyle. There’s only one issue: it’s kind of boring. Well, running alone and without any music going, at least, is kind of boring.

The best way to fight this, of course, is to get a good pair of Bluetooth headphones and listen to some tunes or podcasts while you go for your daily run. Today we’re looking at some of the best Bluetooth headphones out there for running to help you narrow down your choices. Let’s look at the cream of the crop. We’re selecting our picks based mainly on sound quality, battery life and cost relative to performance.

Jabra Elite Active 65t

Jabra’s earned a name for themselves as makers of top-quality Bluetooth headphones. Their Elite series, in particular, has impressed us, and the Elite Active is no exception. The sportier upgrade to the Elite 65t, the Elite Active 65t offers better sweat resistance and they fit well in the ear. You’re not going to be worried about these popping out while you’re jogging.

The sound quality on these earbuds is excellent, with clear mid tones, deep base and excellent high-end. Unlike some lesser earbuds, these don’t compress the sound or try to squeeze it into a smaller profile for the smaller drivers. You can find the Jabra Elite Active 65t earbuds online for around $190, and they’re well-worth the price.

Apple Air Pods

Apple’s Air Pods are great for runners, on one condition: if they fit well in your ears. Not everyone’s ears are shaped as such that the Air Pods fit in snugly and don’t jostle while they run. If your ears are shaped so that the Air Pods stay in snugly, then they’re amazing for running. The Air Pods are light, they sound great, and they’re incredibly convenient for taking calls and sending messages.

The Air Pods aren’t without a few drawbacks, though. Notably, they’re very small, so if one falls out of your ear, you might just lose it altogether. For a pair of earbuds that cost upwards of $150, the last thing you want to do is lose one. That said, if you can keep up with them and you’re not worried about them falling out while you run, then the Air Pods make a great companion for any runner or jogger.

Beats Powerbeats Pro

The Beats by Dre line of audio hardware has been hit-and-miss over the years, but the Powerbeats Pro have certainly impressed us. These on-ear Bluetooth headphones actually share a lot of their DNA with their cousins, the Air Pods, but are tooled more specifically for active users. The sound is much fuller on these headphones than in the Air Pods, and the battery life is notably better.

Another huge point in the favor of the Powerbeats Pro is that their over-the-ear design makes them much less likely to fall out of your ears while you’re jogging or running. This allows you to not feel quite as anxious when you’re out and about with them. As any Air Pods owner will tell you, losing one feels like a punch to the gut. You can get your own Powerbeats Pro online for $250 from Apple’s website.