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Amazon Cancels its Planned New York Headquarters
Amazon has announced that it is canceling the construction of a New York headquarters. The project was slated to be an “HQ2” and involved a $3 billion incentive package from New York City. Protestors decried the incentive package and largely resisted the idea of Amazon further straining New York’s... Read more
Eero Wi-Fi Routers Acquired by Amazon
Amazon announced yesterday that it has acquired mesh-router manufacturer Eero. Eero is a huge name in the world of mesh-network routers, and this move positions Amazon in a strong place for its Echo hardware. Eero is based in the Bay Area, where it has been operating since 2015. While... Read more
The Gift of Music:  How to Do It the Right Way
Everyone has those people in life that are very hard to shop for. I mean what are you to get the person that has everything? Music. Music is always the best gift,  and for the people that have everything, it’s often the only gift. Music is universal and received... Read more
Best Amazon Alexa Features: Is it Time for You to Get an Echo Device?
Amazon’s Alexa personal assistant can be found in a number of the company’s hardware releases. The Echo line of smart home hubs as well as the Fire TV line have been using Alexa for a few years now. Today we’re looking at some of the best Amazon Alexa features... Read more
Buy a Xbox One, Get a Free Echo Dot
Alexa has some very new and awesome skills for Xbox One and Amazon is celebrating the occasion. Amazon will offer its updated Echo Dot for free with the purchase of an Xbox One S or Xbox One X console while supplies last. Normally a $49 purchase by itself, getting... Read more
Amazon Echo Auto, Alexa in the Car
Last week Amazon announces a slew of new and updated products. One in particular caught my eye. Its called the Amazon Echo Auto. This device gives your car the smart AI assistant you are already using at your home. Already you are thinking, how does this work and why... Read more
Let Me In; August Smart Lock
We all want to just Lock and unlock your door with your phone. Giving keyless entry to family, friends, housekeepers and other home services without worrying about lost or copied keys is key. With the new 3rd generation August Smart Lock you have that capability.  The August Smart Lock... Read more
Amazon Unloads Info on Tons of New Tech
Amazon, always trying to keep up with the fast-paced world of technology, has unveiled a ton of new gadgets. Last Thursday they held a press event where they showed off a ton of stuff you’re going to want on your Christmas list. If you’ve been waiting for a chance... Read more
Tablet Talk:  Amazon’s Fire HD 8 tablet
AMAZON has another new tablet to add to its expansive range with the launch of  Amazon’s Fire HD 8 tablet and this device includes a new feature that should make it a whole lot more useful. Here’s full details about the Amazon’s Fire HD 8 tablet including price, release... Read more
Ten Ways Amazon Became Valued Over $1 Trillion
A few days ago, Amazon became the second company in history to have its value crest the one-trillion-dollar mark. That’s an absolutely mind-boggling amount of money that we don’t even want to start thinking about. What’s even crazier is that, despite that huge value, the company hasn’t been pulling... Read more