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Best HTC Phones for Android: Our Take
HTC was once the big name in Android phones. In recent years, they’ve fallen off a lot in favor of Samsung’s seemingly unstoppable Galaxy line of phones. However, HTC still has a lot to offer in the Android space for people looking for a great phone. Today we’re going... Read more
The Best-Selling Android Phones: What’s Popular?
People love their Android phones. Android is a very open and malleable operating system and allows for people who love the finer points to make their phone their own. That’s a lot of the reason why Android phones sell so well! Which one is the king of the hill,... Read more
Best Android Phones of 2019
Android is a fantastic platform for mobile phones, and many users prefer Google’s operating system over other phone OS’s. However, Android is on so many phones that it’s hard to tell which is the best choice for you. Today we’re going to break down some of the best Android... Read more
The Future Unfolds: Samsung Could Unveil New Folding Phone
Samsung’s official Twitter account had an interesting teaser on Monday. The short video shows unfolding Korean text and promises that “the future unfolds.” While this may seem cryptic, it’s likely this is a sly nod to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy F, the new folding phone the company has been... Read more
The Gift of Music:  How to Do It the Right Way
Everyone has those people in life that are very hard to shop for. I mean what are you to get the person that has everything? Music. Music is always the best gift,  and for the people that have everything, it’s often the only gift. Music is universal and received... Read more
Google Assistant is About to Take Over Your Life
Our world has in a very short time become almost totally voice controlled by an autonomous A.I. robot with a pleasant female voice. One voice is always listening,  to answer, or facilitate your every whim. She can order your food, turn on your lights, tv, and set your A/C.... Read more
Your iPhone or Android is About to Cost Even More
If you complained when phones were free because you were asked to sign a contract, you probably aren’t happy nowadays! We are now at a place where a new iPhone could cost up to $1449. Just when you think phone prices are as outrageous as it could get, Qualcomm... Read more
Samsung Galaxy S10 Rumors and Speculation
While the Samsung Galaxy S9 is a relatively new phone, Samsung is likely to have another flagship up their sleeves. Notably, this is likely not the foldable phone Samsung showed off onstage in November, but another traditional entry in the Galaxy line. Here’s all the rumors and speculation about... Read more
The New Samsung A9 Is Here!
The Samsung A9 is one of the best affordable new options from Samsung! The new Samsung A9 smartphone boasts some serious upgrades over its predecessors. This model is a mid-grade phone that is a great option for people who want a phone with plenty of style and features but are... Read more
Galaxy Note 9 “Best Phone for Seniors”?
I spent much of the prime youthful years of my life teaching senior citizens how to cope and use their smartphones. I would host seminars 3 times a week inside the verizon stores for just this. For years I always recommended the iphones to our senior customers, but now... Read more