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iPhone vs Android: Which is Right for You?
One of the fiercest rivalries in the tech world today is the ongoing feud between Google and Apple over control for the soul of the smartphone. Despite ostensibly designing the first true smartphone with 2007’s iPhone, Apple doesn’t enjoy the majority market share that Google’s Android does today. What’s... Read more
Getting the Most out of Your iPad: Multitasking Functionality
The newest generation of the iPad implements two new functions that allow you to really multitask. If you’ve been wondering how you can get the most out of your iPad, it’s time to learn more about Split View and Slide Over. These new functions are some of the strongest... Read more
Apple Loses Supreme Court Case over App Store Policies
In a surprising 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court has sided with four iPhone owners who sued Apple over alleged monopolistic App Store policies. According to the plaintiffs, Apple’s policies resulted in inflated prices for apps on the App Store, since iPhone users have no alternative for downloading new apps.... Read more
Which is the Better Smartphone OS, Android or iOS?
When it comes to smartphone platforms, there are two big names to choose from. On the one hand, you have iOS, the original smartphone operating system and a very stable option from Apple. On the other hand, you have the much more open Android system from Google that is... Read more
Spotify Posts 100 Million User Numbers, Doubling Apple Music
There are two big names in the world of music streaming services. On the one hand, there’s Apple Music, which is baked into the infrastructure of Apple’s iPhone line. On the other hand, there’s Spotify, an algorithm-driven service that compiles personalized playlists for listeners. Spotify has now announced that... Read more
Can the iPad Replace Your Laptop? An Upcoming Feature Might Change Your Mind
Tablets are neat, but they’re really just a half-step between smartphones and laptops, right? Certainly, an iPad could never truly replace a laptop. When you need to be productive, you need to put the iPad away and bust out the laptop. Or, do you? iOS 13 promises to bring... Read more
Apple Watch Series 5: What to Expect and Early Rumors
It feels like Apple’s Series 4 watch only just launched, but we’re already hearing scuttlebutt related to this year’s Series 5 watch. While Series 4 was a huge leap forward, featuring larger screens, rounded bezels and advanced EKG features, Series 5 is shaping up to be another massive step.... Read more
Which Smartwatch Should You Buy? Samsung vs Apple
The Apple Watch Series 4 finally has a true competitor in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. The two tech giants are each pitting their best wearable tech against the other. If you’re wondering which of these two excellent smart watches is right for you, read on.... Read more
iPad Mini, iPad Air First Impressions: Are They Worth the Price?
Apple’s newest tablets, the iPad Mini and iPad Air for 2019, have been on the market for about a moth now. What are some of the early impressions of these devices, and how do they stack up against the competition? Let’s take a look at Apple’s newest tablets. iPad... Read more
Are AirPods Worth it in 2019?
Apple has gotten itself a reputation for making stylish technology that just works. The iPod ushered in the digital era of music, the iPhone invented the smartphone market, the iPad did the same for tablets, and the Apple Watch kickstarted the smartwatch craze. The Apple AirPods, likewise, started a... Read more