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DOJ, SEC probe Apple for slowing older iPhones
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — U.S. authorities are investigating Apple’s slowing of older iPhones, according to published reports. The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg reported Tuesday that the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission are probing whether Apple violated securities laws. In December, Apple apologized for the slowdown after a blogger’s... Read more
Verizon to Lock My iPhone?
The wireless carrier has been selling phones unlocked, allowing you to swap SIM cards and use other carriers. Soon, it’ll lock phones for a certain period to prevent theft and fraud. Verizon Lock Down Say this isnt so!  Ive gone through a lot with Verizon in recent months. First... Read more
Apple mulls refunds for battery replacement on old iPhones
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Apple is mulling refunds to customers who paid full price for battery replacements on older iPhones. Apple now offers a $50 discount as part of its apology for secretly slowing down the devices. Apple isn’t providing details on a potential rebate yet. The possibility was... Read more
iOS 12, will it Roar? Mac users think so
OS 12 will bring over a highly anticipated feature that has been rumored for quite a while now, All Mac users with iOS devces will rejoice. Rumors and Gossip What we have heard so far, and keep in mind we are still 9 months away, iOS 12 will bring... Read more
Apples’ Beats by Dre…Can They be Beat?
The Good Unrivaled sound quality, especially in bass heavy songs Lithium Ion Battery provides 22 hours of continuous listening New noise cancellation tech is an important focal point Robust and sturdy craftsmanship makes them hard to break Wireless and portable headphones make them great travel companions The Bad The... Read more
5 “Smart Home” gadgets every house should have…
It’s 2018 folks, and the future is here. Astronauts are driving Tesla’s through space and the Reese’s company is doing some really innovative stuff with popcorn. With all this technology around us, it’s easy to take it all for granted and we sometimes don’t get all the use we... Read more
Apple TV in 4K
    Apple TV 4K is a high quality smart video system that connects your TV to life. It makes all your favorite TV shows and movies even more amazing. Videos play in stunning detail with picture quality that’s more true to life. Enjoy content from iTunes and apps... Read more
How Cool, Wireless Apple AirPods!
Now Apple give us the wireless AirPods. Simple Bluetooth enabled wireless earphones but the design of the AirPods is defined by the geometry of the ear. Which makes them more comfortable for more people than any other earbud-style headphones. The speakers inside  have been engineered to maximize sound output and... Read more
Upgrading to the Apple Watch 3
The Apple Watch 3 is the latest in the watch line from Apple. Its a watch that allows you to stay connected when you’re away from your phone, making calls and send texts with just your watch. It has the ability to stream millions of songs with Apple Music and track... Read more
Apple HomePod Plays?
Apple HomePod is a Siri enabled smart speaker with  Apple-engineered audio technology and advanced software to deliver the highest-fidelity sound throughout the room, anywhere it’s placed. Apple has built the high-excursion woofer with a custom amplifier to play a wide range of deep, rich bass. HomePod is wrapped in a... Read more