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Uber vs Lyft: Ridesharing App Showdown
  Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two years, you’ve likely heard about, seen, or experienced ridesharing apps. While ridesharing has been around for quite some time, it has just recently exploded, and is really catching on worldwide. The ridesharing revolution began harmlessly enough but has... Read more
Hum X for the Non Car Guy

Hum X for the Non Car Guy

Cars February 14, 2018 1

The Hum is a device that plugs in to your cars computer port giving you the ability to decode engine lights, get vehicle health reports. The Hum is simple – just plug it in to add connected car features to your drive. Even better, you can easily access Hum features... Read more
The 5 Best Cars Under $30K You Can Buy Right Now
The list of great new cars over $30,000 is a long one, but it’s the surprisingly fantastic quality of what’s below that benchmark that shows off the state of today’s new-car market. What follows is our ranking of the best new vehicles you can buy right now for under 30 grand.  The average price of... Read more