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2019 BMW X3: Luxury SUV Review
BMW’s luxury SUVs have a sterling reputation for a number of reasons. The 2019 X3 has some great expectations behind it: after all, it bears the name of one of the most beloved luxury SUV lines in the world. That said, the 2017 and 2018 model years have been... Read more
What Should You do with Your Old Car? Our Tips
When you buy a new vehicle, you’ve got a number of options for what you can do with your old ride. You can trade it in to the dealership towards your new purchase, or you can try to sell it privately. If you’re feeling particularly generous, you could simply... Read more
Will Electric Cars Replace Gas-Powered Vehicles?
Electric cars have been swirling about in the automotive world for decades now. However, more and more it seems as though they may truly represent the future of automobiles. How realistic is it to assume that the future will be full of electric cars and that gas stations will... Read more
Best Midsize SUVs: Riding in Comfort and Style
While there was once a time when the sedan was the king of the road, the midsize SUV now stands as the most popular type of car for daily driving. And who can deny how great SUVs are for getting around town? The high driving position, the wide wheel... Read more
2019 Audi Q5: Luxury SUV Review
When you think of luxury, a few names come to mind. Foremost, names like Audi, BMW and Mercedes might occur to you. Since SUVs are the kings of practicality and comfort, these companies’ luxury SUV entries have been competing for that top spot. With that in mind, how does... Read more
2020 Ford F-150 Preview: What to Expect
The newest offering from Ford, the 2020 model of the ever-popular F-150 line, is set to release later this year. However, in the meantime, we’ve got plenty of juicy details about just what to expect from the upcoming, high-tech, high-powered truck. There’s a lot to love about what Ford... Read more
The Safest SUVs: Keep Your Family Safe on the Road
Why do you buy an SUV? Is it the large interior, with the ample leg room and big infotainment screen? Or do you buy SUVs for their smooth rides, quiet cabins and easy time going around town? No, it’s much more likely that you prefer SUVs for one big... Read more
What Should You Pay for a New Car?
Who doesn’t love the idea of driving around in a brand-new car? Not many people get to enjoy the fun of taking a new car out for a spin, let alone owning one. If you’re thinking about getting a new vehicle, maybe you’re wondering how much you should be... Read more
Hunting for the Best New Car Deals on Memorial Day
There’s something about Memorial Day weekend that just brings out the sales. For whatever reason, this time of year is incredibly popular for automotive deals. It can be difficult to find the best deals, though. Today we’re going to help you hunt down the best Memorial Day deals, so... Read more
Should You Lease a Car? Pros and Cons
When you’re thinking about a new vehicle, you’ve got some options. On the one hand, you could go the dealership and buy a brand-new vehicle. Another option is to purchase a pre-owned vehicle, which often saves you a lot of money, but means you could encounter issues left by... Read more