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Tesla Being Sued Over Fatal Autopilot Crash
Surprisingly, luxury automaker Tesla is being sued over a deadly crash that occurred in early 2018. The family of Walter Huang, who died in a tragic accident when his Model X hit a central concrete median, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. The suit claims that Tesla’s autopilot feature... Read more
Need a New Ride? Top Affordable Compact Luxury Cars
Everyone loves getting to drive a nice new car. There’s something about being behind the wheel of a luxury car that’s ineffable and hard to place. It’s like you become the master of your own little domain, able to zoom around corners and go where you want. Not everyone... Read more
The Best Full-Sized Pickups in 2019
Who doesn’t love the feel of climbing into the cab of a full-sized pickup? The towing capacity, cab size and comfortable ride of a pickup is hard to find elsewhere on the new car market. If you’re looking for a new pickup in 2019, here are some of the... Read more
A Jeep Pickup in 2019? Upcoming 2020 Jeep Gladiator
The new 2020 Jeep Gladiator Pickup is turning a lot of heads. Jeep’s got a reputation for making solid cars that are well-worth their price. Is the new 2020 Gladiator shaping up to be part of this storied tradition, or does it fall flat? Let’s look at some of... Read more
Best Luxury Compact Cars for 2029
When you want the best of the best, it helps to be informed. That goes double for when you want a luxury car: they’re expensive, and a pretty big investment for your future. When you go shopping for luxury, you don’t want to settle for second best. Here are... Read more
Should You Buy an Electric Car? The Breakdown
Here’s the deal: electric cars have a lot of rumors and notions swirling about them. Are they powerful? Do they have strong engine performance? Are they able to make it very far down the road? Are they really cheaper to own than conventional cars? Today we’re going to break... Read more
Does Certified Pre-Owned Mean You Get a Better Car?
Buying used can help you really keep the costs down on a vehicle. However, how can you be certain that the vehicle you’re purchasing isn’t a lemon? How can you know what the vehicle has been through? Certified pre-owned vehicles are often considered the safer pick when it comes... Read more
Where to Find the Best Prices on Tires
Everyone who owns a car dreads that sound of a tire popping. What’s worse than the unexpected expense of needing a new tire? Overpaying on that tire, that’s what. If you’re looking to save some money on your next set of tires, then you’ve come to the right place.... Read more
Automation: Could Self-Driving Cars Put People Out of Work?
Automation is a specter that hangs over the modern worker. The pace of technological advancement makes it difficult to keep up with certain careers. In the past 20 years, fields like web design and programming have exploded, while other fields are in danger of disappearing. One such field is... Read more
Should You Buy a Used Car?
A lot of people religiously trade in their car every 3 years to get a brand-new car. However, could you be spending more money on this practice than if you were to simply drive a used car? It’s worth noting that a new car loses most of its value... Read more