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Save Time with the Best Payroll Software
If you own a small business, then you’re surely not a huge fan of the process of managing payroll. If you’ve been trying to do payroll by hand without any software, you’re aware of how time-consuming it can be. The best way to cut the time for payroll management... Read more
Are You Spending Too Much Time on Social Media?
It can be very difficult to tell when you’re spending too much time on social media. It’s easy to sit down at your computer or on your couch and start scrolling endlessly through your social media feeds. Twitter offers up news and bites of thought, Facebook shows you your... Read more
Google Assistant is About to Take Over Your Life
Our world has in a very short time become almost totally voice controlled by an autonomous A.I. robot with a pleasant female voice. One voice is always listening,  to answer, or facilitate your every whim. She can order your food, turn on your lights, tv, and set your A/C.... Read more
The Tools You Need to Protect Yourself from Cyber Criminals
Cyber crime is a major problem in our internet-based world. More than 90% of all transactions now occur digitally, and all of your data is stored on some database somewhere. Your most sensitive information is on the internet and it may even be unsecured as you’re reading this. There... Read more
Best Sites to Find Free Audiobooks
Audiobooks are a great way to focus on reading without having to set aside time for just sitting still. A lot of people have such busy schedules that audiobooks are the best way for them to take in literature. After all, you can listen to an audiobook while jogging,... Read more
Top Password Managers for 2019
If you’re anything like us, you’ve got a ton of passwords to keep up with. Whether it’s social media, work-related sites or entertainment, you’re going to need to keep up with a large number of logins. When it comes to memorization, we can barely remember our own birthdays, let... Read more
VR Gaming Laptop Deals
I have a top of the line power computer with a 40 inch monitor at home. What good does that really do me when Im not home. When you need a powerful rig you can take with you, there’s no substitute for a VR gaming laptop. Gaming laptops come... Read more
Confidential Facebook Documents Seized by UK Parliament
In an odd turn, the UK Parliament had confidential Facebook documents seized. Parliament has been gearing up for an international hearing regarding alleged misconduct by Facebook. The documents include correspondences among top Facebooks executives, apparently including CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself. Facebook Documents Seized by UK Parliament How Were the... Read more
MacBook Air 2018: Is it Worth the Price?
While Apple continues smartphone dominance with the iPhone X line, they’ve been struggling with their laptops recently. Competitors like Microsoft have been out-performing them for the past few years. Is the MacBook Air 2018 poised to change that, or will it fall flat? MacBook Air 2018 Review Design At... Read more
Best 5 Laptops Under $500 in 2018
Laptops are very essential these days- for school, work, or just personal use. The price of a premium new laptop can cost up to $1,000, which is pricey for anyone. Numerous companies have made laptops more affordable while keeping the quality and capabilities of more expensive laptops. You don’t... Read more