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Microsoft Build 2019: Biggest Headlines
Microsoft’s Build summit is a yearly developer’s conference held to unveil new features in Microsoft’s various initiatives. This year’s headlights weren’t focused on Xbox or Windows, the way one might expect. Instead, Microsoft focused on their Azure platform, deep-learning algorithms, mixed reality and all things artificial intelligence. Here are... Read more
What to Expect at Google’s 2019 I/O Conference
Google’s annual developer summit, the I/O conference, is here Every Spring, Google summons a host of developers to Mountain View, where the company shows off the newest upcoming stuff coming in the next year. What can we expect to see the company show off this year? Google’s 2019 I/O... Read more
Alex Jones, Milo Yiannoupolis, Others, Banned from Facebook, Instagram
Controversial right-wing personalities like Alex Jones were banned from Facebook and Instagram on Friday. The figures also included Milo Yiannoupolis and Laura Loomer, avowed far-right commentators who are well-known for their combative and confrontational personalities. The bans also extend to Facebook-owned photo-sharing app, Instagram. Far-Right Bans Laid Down by... Read more
Emulation, ROMs and the Future of Video Games
Emulation, the process of writing code that plays video games outside of their originally intended hardware, is of somewhat murky legality. It’s quite popular among video game enthusiasts to download emulators and ROMs, or the raw code that makes up a video game. However, the legality and morality of... Read more
Avengers Endgame Has Leaked: Watch Out for Spoilers
The biggest cinematic event of the year is hitting late this month. There’s less than two weeks between now and when Avengers: Endgame hits theaters. However, the film’s conclusion has been leaked online, so spoilers for the whole thing are up in the wild. Here are some ways you... Read more
Best Wireless Routers for 2019
When you rely on your internet for your entertainment, your work or just your leisure time, you want the best. Maybe you’re paying for the best internet money can buy but your devices still seem sluggish. Maybe it’s your wireless router. Today we’re looking at some of the best... Read more
Best Alternatives to Quickbooks
People often look at various accounting software suites and wonder which one is the right one for them. If the conversation around Quickbooks is to be believed, it’s the go-to accounting software. However, many people wonder which software suite is the best alternative to Quickbooks, whether for cost or... Read more
Create Your Own Website for Free: Get Yourself Out There
No matter what you do, having your own website can be a huge boon. There’s a lot to be said for the strength of having an online presence for your brand. Maybe you’re an artist, a designer, a PR firm, a small business owner or a visionary. No matter... Read more
Artificial Intelligence Technology: What Does it Mean?
Science fiction has long been fascinated by the prospect of intelligent systems held within computers. Much like the strange science of biochemistry that gives rise to consciousness, we’ve wondered recently whether circuit boards and silicon could function as the brain for artificial intelligence. A mind like our own but... Read more
Cloud Backup Services: Which One is Right for You?
Nothing quite compares to the feeling of losing all of your files. All the pictures, documents, movies, games and other digital materials you had saved are just gone. How can you make sure your files are backed up and safe? Using the Cloud, you can have peace of mind... Read more