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Apex Legends Tops 10 Million Players
EA has had a surprise bit of good fortune with the release of Apex Legends, the newest game in the Titanfall series. Despite being free-to-play, battle royale, rife with microtransactions and bereft of giant mechs or wall-running, this “Titanfall” game has now seen 10 million players since its release... Read more
Xbox Live Coming to Nintendo Switch
No, you didn’t read that headline wrong. Microsoft’s Xbox Live is coming to the Nintendo Switch, per a recent listing from the upcoming Game Developer’s Conference. The news comes courtesy of a description for Microsoft’s presentation during the show. Is this the start of a new era of cooperation... Read more
Google Assistant is About to Take Over Your Life
Our world has in a very short time become almost totally voice controlled by an autonomous A.I. robot with a pleasant female voice. One voice is always listening,  to answer, or facilitate your every whim. She can order your food, turn on your lights, tv, and set your A/C.... Read more
Our Guide to the Best Portable Generators of 2019
When the power goes out, or you’re out camping, you really want to have the best possible portable generator on hand. It can be hard deciding on which ones are the best, though, as they’re somewhat expensive and hard to just test out. However, you’re in luck if you’re... Read more
Cracked Phone Screens are the Worst!
You’ve got that fancy, expensive smartphone in your pocket. You know, the one that cost you hundreds of dollars but is also incredibly fragile and prone to developing those unsightly cracks. Yeah, that smartphone. If your phone has developed a series of spiderweb cracks following an unfortunate high-speed encounter... Read more
Are These The Best Earbuds for Working Out?
There is a phenomenon going down with the culture in our youths today. It seems the younger people have ditched the self-destructive and human deprecative behaviors of adolescent debauchery and replaced it with working out. Yes, I have said it before and that won’t stop me from saying it... Read more
Coolest TVs Seen at CES 2019
CES 2019 has came and went, and we’ve seen a ton of new technology that is more than exciting for the future. The consumer electronics show was also the first place that 8K TVs were seen in an official setting! This exciting new TV panel development is a big... Read more
Recruitment Tools to Make Your Hiring Process Easier
Let’s face it: hiring isn’t easy. When you’re looking for top-level people to really make your company fire on all cylinders, it’s hard to find who you need. There’s only so much time in the day, so how do you make the most of it? Going over application by... Read more
Combat Menstrual Pain without Medication
Menstrual pain can be downright awful for some people. Studies have found that more than ninety percent of women suffer from menstrual pain, and of them, around forty percent describe their menstrual pain as being detrimental to their daily activities. These pains can surface as cramps that make it... Read more
Coolest Tech Takeaways from CES 2019
2019 is only just getting started yet we already have a roadmap for what kinds of tech we’re going to be seeing this year. The biggest takeaways from CES 2019, held in Las Vegas this year, are that technology is still changing in new and exciting ways. If you’re... Read more