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To the Cleaners: The Best Washer and Dryer Combos
It can be very difficult narrowing down which washer and dryer you want. However, one of the most cost-saving moves you can make when shopping for a washer and dryer set is to get a combo. Washer and dryer combos not only look sleek in your laundry room, they... Read more
Samsung Galaxy S10 Rumors and Speculation
While the Samsung Galaxy S9 is a relatively new phone, Samsung is likely to have another flagship up their sleeves. Notably, this is likely not the foldable phone Samsung showed off onstage in November, but another traditional entry in the Galaxy line. Here’s all the rumors and speculation about... Read more
VR Gaming Laptop Deals
I have a top of the line power computer with a 40 inch monitor at home. What good does that really do me when Im not home. When you need a powerful rig you can take with you, there’s no substitute for a VR gaming laptop. Gaming laptops come... Read more
Nintendo Switch: First 20 Months in Perspective
The Nintendo Switch was released in March of 2017. In the intervening 20 months it has revitalized a struggling Nintendo and reignited interest in the company’s most exciting properties. Recently, Nintendo showed off that they have sold 8.2 million Switch units in the US alone. That’s… that’s absolutely crazy.... Read more
The New Samsung A9 Is Here!
The Samsung A9 is one of the best affordable new options from Samsung! The new Samsung A9 smartphone boasts some serious upgrades over its predecessors. This model is a mid-grade phone that is a great option for people who want a phone with plenty of style and features but are... Read more
Stop Losing Luggage!..Best Luggage Tracking Options
We’ve all been there. Waiting for your luggage to come around that conveyor belt, patiently standing around, just to realize that you’ve seen that pink suitcase come around three times and there’s no sign of your luggage. If you’ve ever waited impatiently at a baggage claim only to slowly... Read more
Best Smartwatch Deals: Which Wearable Should You Get?
It’s almost time for the holidays, which means you’ve probably got a ton of Christmas shopping to do. If you know someone who wants a wearable smartwatch, you’re probably looking for the best smartwatch deals. After all, why not save some money while you’re getting an awesome smartwatch? Best... Read more
Galaxy Note 9 “Best Phone for Seniors”?
I spent much of the prime youthful years of my life teaching senior citizens how to cope and use their smartphones. I would host seminars 3 times a week inside the verizon stores for just this. For years I always recommended the iphones to our senior customers, but now... Read more
Sega Dreamcast Classic: Could it be Coming Soon?
The Sega Dreamcast Classic has just turned 20. The short-lived but influential console has a small yet iconic lineup of games. We’d love to see the system revived in the form of a Classic Mini system like the NES Classic. Could the Sega Dreamcast Classic be around the corner?... Read more
Google Pixel Slate: A Worthy iPad Competitor?
Apple is a hard act to follow. Their electronics have been the benchmark for smart devices for more than a decade now. Google now attempts to compete with the iPad with their new Google Pixel Slate. How does the hybrid 2-in-1 stack up, and is it worth the high... Read more