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Which Smartphone has the Best Camera? Head to Head
Smartphones are getting better all the time, and one of the areas they’ve been excelling in recently is the camera. Smartphone cameras are an area where this is especially true: it seems that they’re always getting that much better! Which phone camera is the best, though? Today we’re going... Read more
Microsoft Build 2019: Biggest Headlines
Microsoft’s Build summit is a yearly developer’s conference held to unveil new features in Microsoft’s various initiatives. This year’s headlights weren’t focused on Xbox or Windows, the way one might expect. Instead, Microsoft focused on their Azure platform, deep-learning algorithms, mixed reality and all things artificial intelligence. Here are... Read more
Alexa Will Keep Your Home Safe with Alexa Home Guard
Amazon’s Alexa is getting some new functionality for users in the US. The new functionality, Alexa Home Guard, will take steps to keep your home safer from burglars and home invasions. While Amazon has clarified that this new service will be no replacement for a home security service, it... Read more
Getting the Most out of Your iPad: Multitasking Functionality
The newest generation of the iPad implements two new functions that allow you to really multitask. If you’ve been wondering how you can get the most out of your iPad, it’s time to learn more about Split View and Slide Over. These new functions are some of the strongest... Read more
Do You Need a Video Doorbell? The Facts
Video doorbells are a relatively new trend among home security suites. If you’re often away from home, or worried about people coming up to your door, maybe you should consider a video doorbell. They allow you to see who’s at your door, offer you the option to speak to... Read more
Coolest Things Seen at Google I/O 2019
Google I/O 2019 has come and gone, and we’ve learned a lot about Google’s upcoming slate of products. Today we’re taking a look at some of the coolest headlines from that massive event, from gaming infrastructure to new Android operating system updates! Google I/O 2019 Android Q The newest... Read more
Real HomePod Killer? Sony’s Smart Home Speaker Now Just $50
Sony’s LF-S50G smart home speaker has recently received a price cut down to $50. The speaker started at $200, putting it at a comparable price point to Apple’s HomePod. With its new, reduced price, though, it’s a much sweeter deal than Apple’s expensive, ecosystem locked HomePod. Sony LF-S50G Speaker... Read more
The Best Budget Android? Google Pixel 3a Review
The only drawback to Google’s stellar Pixel 3 smartphone is the high price tag. That means that the budget-friendly Pixel 3a was high on our radar. Does the handset stack up to the pedigree of its namesake, or has Google cut too much from this budget handset? Let’s get... Read more
What to Expect at Google’s 2019 I/O Conference
Google’s annual developer summit, the I/O conference, is here Every Spring, Google summons a host of developers to Mountain View, where the company shows off the newest upcoming stuff coming in the next year. What can we expect to see the company show off this year? Google’s 2019 I/O... Read more
Is Your Screen’s Blue Light Keeping You Up at Night?
Television screens, phone screens and computer screens all emit blue light that can make it very difficult to sleep. Your brain often perceives blue light as being similar to the light of the Sun. As such, this light has the effect of making your circadian rhythms misread the time... Read more