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Cool Uses for Your Old Smartphone: What to do When You Upgrade
When you upgrade to a new smartphone, it can be hard to decide what to do with your old phone. You don’t want to just toss it in a drawer, as it’s a great piece of technology. You could sell it, though doing so is a huge hassle and... Read more
Protect Your Identity Online With These Tools
Whether it’s another big data breach or someone trying to steal your passwords, there’s always something to watch out for online. However, there are a number of tools you can use to protect your identity and browse without worrying. Today we’re taking a closer look into some of these... Read more
Getting the Most for Your Old Smartphone: Smart Selling Tips
When you purchase a cell phone, it begins to depreciate in value rather rapidly. This is somewhat like what happens to brand-new cars. The resale value of phones and new cars both drops dramatically as soon as you begin using either of them. In the case of phones, we’ve... Read more
Saving on Back to School Shopping: Tax-Free Weekend and More
There are a number of schools of thought when it comes to saving money on school supplies. On the one hand, there’s people who just buy any and every supply under the sun and don’t even check the price tag. Other parents carefully pick and choose which items, and... Read more
Best Back to School Tech: Keys to Academic Success
There’s something magical about the first day back at school, isn’t there? Popping new line paper in your binder, busting out freshly sharpened pencils and getting to know all of your new classmates. In 2019, however, there’s more to it than just that: you need to have the right... Read more
Saving Money on Back to School Clothes
Having kids is expensive, there’s no two ways about it. Between their school supplies and back to school clothes, they can be even more expensive around the end of summer. If you’re gearing up to send your kids back to school, you’re probably wondering about the ways you can... Read more
Best Dog Food Brands for Discerning Owners
If you’re a dog owner, you know that picking the right dog food can be incredibly difficult. There are a number of competing brands looking for your dollars, and not all of them are best for your dog. However, finding which one is the best can be stressful: you... Read more
Best Smart Home Devices for 2019
If you’re just getting into smart home technology, you might be wondering what the best smart gadgets for your home are. You’re not alone: tons of people are interested in making their house a smart home but don’t know what products are the best for doing just that. Today,... Read more
Losing Weight Without Dieting: Changing Lifestyle
Fad diets are a dime a dozen. Maybe you’ve even tried some yourself. There’s been all kind recently: paleo, keto, the list goes on. What many people find is that when they do a fad diet, they lose a bit of weight at first, but then they burn out,... Read more
Best Motorcycle Insurance Companies for 2019
When it comes to riding on the open road, motorcycle enthusiasts take things seriously. However, a lot of insurance companies don’t treat bikes with that same seriousness, and it seems like they treat their motorcycle insurance as a spin-off of their auto insurance. However, choppers in cars don’t have... Read more