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Dental Implants: Everything You Need to Know
When you’re missing teeth or have to have teeth removed, their absence can be embarrassing and can make it difficult to eat, speak or even go about your daily activities. Today we’re looking at dental implants and how they can help you with your condition. We’ll look at what... Read more
Botox Treatments: How do they Work?
Botox treatments are the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure in the world! How much do you know about this popular procedure, though? Maybe you’ve heard about the muscle-paralyzing effects of the procedure, or maybe you’ve just heard that the procedure helps to eliminate wrinkles. Today we’re looking at the... Read more
Reverse Mortgage: Right for your Retirement?
If you’re a bit strapped for cash going into your retirement, or even a few years in, you might be considering getting a reverse mortgage. However, you might want to do some research about the type of loan that you’re signing up for. After all, reverse mortgages entail high... Read more
Heed the Warning Signs: Alcoholism and its Effects
Alcoholism is not a laughing matter. The symptoms can be hard to spot sometimes, whether in yourself or in a loved one, but they are deadly serious. Alcoholism can, and will, affect every aspect of the sufferers life, and can have residual effects that harm their loved ones, too.... Read more
Lemon Juice Cleanse: Is it Real? Does it Work?
Everyone’s heard of juice cleanses. Proponents of these juice cleanse (or “master cleanse”) diets proclaim that they help you to burn fat quickly, and that they somehow “cleanse” your system of residual “toxins”. The question we have is: are these the real deal? Do they actually work to help... Read more
What is the AARP? Facts and Benefits
You’ve certainly heard of the AARP, though you might not be sure what exactly the organization is. The name stands for American Association of Retired Persons, and they’re primarily known for their lobbying activities for older Americans. The organization is a non-profit, and it sports more than 38 million... Read more
Best States to Live in for Seniors: Where Should You Retire?
When the time comes to retire, you want to make sure you’re living somewhere that is ideal for your lifestyle and is the best for your finances. There are a few historically popular places to retire to: Florida, Nevada, Arizona. But are these really the best places to live... Read more
Making Extra Money: Working a Side Hustle
Whether it’s a part-time job, a gig you pick up or just selling some of your old stuff, getting a side hustle can be a great way to make some extra money. When you’re living paycheck to paycheck, it can feel difficult to get ahead and get a break.... Read more
Ways to Make Your Back Porch Fun This Summer
When Summer rolls in, it’s time to have some people over to the back yard to enjoy the nice weather. Between pool parties, cook outs and just taking it easy and having a few drinks, you want your back porch to be a really popping place. Thankfully, we’ve got... Read more
Playa del Carmen: Caribbean Vacation Destination
When you think “beautiful Caribbean getaway,” you’re probably normally thinking about some island out in the middle of the ocean, right? There’s nothing wrong with that: Caribbean islands are some of the most beautiful places on Earth. However, there’s another stunning Caribbean destination you might be interested in. Playa... Read more