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Amazon Cancels its Planned New York Headquarters
Amazon has announced that it is canceling the construction of a New York headquarters. The project was slated to be an “HQ2” and involved a $3 billion incentive package from New York City. Protestors decried the incentive package and largely resisted the idea of Amazon further straining New York’s... Read more
Google Hardware News for 2019: Expect More Pixel Devices
Early reports of the “Made by Google” lineup for 2019 are here, thanks to Japanese newspaper Nikkei. The biggest news is mostly unsurprising, though it’s nice to have solid locks on the pieces of tech we’ve been speculating about. Namely, a budget Google Pixel, a Google Pixel 4, a... Read more
Eero Wi-Fi Routers Acquired by Amazon
Amazon announced yesterday that it has acquired mesh-router manufacturer Eero. Eero is a huge name in the world of mesh-network routers, and this move positions Amazon in a strong place for its Echo hardware. Eero is based in the Bay Area, where it has been operating since 2015. While... Read more
The Future Unfolds: Samsung Could Unveil New Folding Phone
Samsung’s official Twitter account had an interesting teaser on Monday. The short video shows unfolding Korean text and promises that “the future unfolds.” While this may seem cryptic, it’s likely this is a sly nod to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy F, the new folding phone the company has been... Read more
Apex Legends Tops 10 Million Players
EA has had a surprise bit of good fortune with the release of Apex Legends, the newest game in the Titanfall series. Despite being free-to-play, battle royale, rife with microtransactions and bereft of giant mechs or wall-running, this “Titanfall” game has now seen 10 million players since its release... Read more
We Could Use Genetic Modification to Wipe Out Malaria: Should We?
Researches based in London have used new technology to determine a way to wipe out the mosquitoes that carry malaria. The female Anopheles mosquito, in particular, is the carrier of Plasmodium, a single-celled parasite that causes malaria. We now have access to a “gene drive” that could wipe out... Read more
Tesla Model 3 Receives a Price Cut, Not Yet at $35,000
The promise of the Tesla Model 3 is that it will one day be sold for $35,000, making it an “affordable” way to own an electric vehicle. However, as of yet, that price is not a reality. The Model 3 has just received a starting price cut down to... Read more
Apple’s HomePod Struggles to Break into Crowded Smart Home Market
Apple’s been uncharacteristically playing catch-up in the past year-and-a-half. The Cupertino-based tech giant has been facing sluggish sales of iPhones, Apple Watches and now the HomePod is even struggling to find its footing. A report from the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners has stated that only six percent of the... Read more
Xbox Live Coming to Nintendo Switch
No, you didn’t read that headline wrong. Microsoft’s Xbox Live is coming to the Nintendo Switch, per a recent listing from the upcoming Game Developer’s Conference. The news comes courtesy of a description for Microsoft’s presentation during the show. Is this the start of a new era of cooperation... Read more
Apple’s Highly Publicized FaceTime Bug Fixed
The highly-publicized FaceTime Bug that allowed users to eavesdrop on other Apple device owners has finally been fixed, according to Apple. The bug in question allowed people initiating a Group FaceTime to hear any audio input from the other members of the call. Apple disabled the functionality, which had... Read more