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Are You Spending Too Much Time on Your Phone?
Smartphones have changed the way we live our very lives. They’re alarm clock, timer, flashlight, calculator, game system, portable computer and, of course, phone, for the modern human. However, many people feel as though they may be spending too much time on their smartphones. When is it time to... Read more
Galaxy S10 Too Pricey? Say Hello to LG G8
The Android phone market is rather saturated at the moment. Between Samsung’s numerous Galaxy handsets, Google’s Pixel line and ample competition from other third-party developers, Android users have a ton of options. The newest competition for Samsung’s Galaxy S10 flagship phone is the LG G8, a more budget-friendly Android... Read more
Is 5G Going to be That Big a Deal?
Verizon unveiled their first public test of a 5G network yesterday in Chicago. This occurred well ahead of the April 11th target date. However, the question remains: is 5G going to be that big of a deal? Today we’re going to look at what the experts are saying about... Read more
Best Cell Phones Money Can Buy in 2019
Smartphones have hit something of a plateau in the last two years. While previous generations of phones were revolutionary, the last two have been more evolutionary. Leaps and bounds have given way to baby steps. That doesn’t mean the top-of-the-line isn’t still the most impressive type of phone you... Read more
Pixel Slate: Why Can’t Google Get Tablets?
Google’s been fighting to make a name for themselves as a hardware manufacturer. Scattered successes, like the Google Pixel smartphone, have been tempered by oddball releases like Google Home and Google Wi-Fi. One notable failure for the company, however, has been the sure-fire winner Pixel Slate, which has failed... Read more
The History of the Smartphone: How We Got Here
For most people, the smartphone era began in 2007, with the landmark release of the Apple iPhone. While this was a huge moment in the history of smartphones, the iPhone wasn’t the first. In fact, as far back as 1992, a commercially-available device was unveiled by IBM called the... Read more
Best HTC Phones for Android: Our Take
HTC was once the big name in Android phones. In recent years, they’ve fallen off a lot in favor of Samsung’s seemingly unstoppable Galaxy line of phones. However, HTC still has a lot to offer in the Android space for people looking for a great phone. Today we’re going... Read more
The Best-Selling Android Phones: What’s Popular?
People love their Android phones. Android is a very open and malleable operating system and allows for people who love the finer points to make their phone their own. That’s a lot of the reason why Android phones sell so well! Which one is the king of the hill,... Read more
Best Android Phones of 2019
Android is a fantastic platform for mobile phones, and many users prefer Google’s operating system over other phone OS’s. However, Android is on so many phones that it’s hard to tell which is the best choice for you. Today we’re going to break down some of the best Android... Read more
When to Take a Break from Social Media
Social media is a part of everyone’s everyday lives now. There’s nothing quite as modern as flipping back and forth between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, trying to keep up with all of your various newsfeeds. Sometimes, however, social media takes too big a bite out of your free... Read more