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The Future Unfolds: Samsung Could Unveil New Folding Phone
Samsung’s official Twitter account had an interesting teaser on Monday. The short video shows unfolding Korean text and promises that “the future unfolds.” While this may seem cryptic, it’s likely this is a sly nod to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy F, the new folding phone the company has been... Read more
Are You Spending Too Much Time on Social Media?
It can be very difficult to tell when you’re spending too much time on social media. It’s easy to sit down at your computer or on your couch and start scrolling endlessly through your social media feeds. Twitter offers up news and bites of thought, Facebook shows you your... Read more
Google Assistant is About to Take Over Your Life
Our world has in a very short time become almost totally voice controlled by an autonomous A.I. robot with a pleasant female voice. One voice is always listening,  to answer, or facilitate your every whim. She can order your food, turn on your lights, tv, and set your A/C.... Read more
Cracked Phone Screens are the Worst!
You’ve got that fancy, expensive smartphone in your pocket. You know, the one that cost you hundreds of dollars but is also incredibly fragile and prone to developing those unsightly cracks. Yeah, that smartphone. If your phone has developed a series of spiderweb cracks following an unfortunate high-speed encounter... Read more
Phones that Make Life Easier for Seniors
It’s a simple fact of life that everyone needs a phone. It’s surprising, then, that so many seniors are so resistant to upgrading to a new smartphone. After all, smartphones are deceptively simple devices to use and operate. However, many people don’t realize just how senior-friendly these devices are.... Read more
Your iPhone or Android is About to Cost Even More
If you complained when phones were free because you were asked to sign a contract, you probably aren’t happy nowadays! We are now at a place where a new iPhone could cost up to $1449. Just when you think phone prices are as outrageous as it could get, Qualcomm... Read more
Galaxy Note 9 “Best Phone for Seniors”?
I spent much of the prime youthful years of my life teaching senior citizens how to cope and use their smartphones. I would host seminars 3 times a week inside the verizon stores for just this. For years I always recommended the iphones to our senior customers, but now... Read more
Project Fi Becomes Google Fi
Three years ago, Project Fi launched as Google’s exploration of cell service and now it appears that Google is ready to bring Fi to the masses. Now known as Google Fi, the service has been expanded to support more phones, including iPhones and a majority of Android devices. MVNO... Read more
Google Pixel Slate: A Worthy iPad Competitor?
Apple is a hard act to follow. Their electronics have been the benchmark for smart devices for more than a decade now. Google now attempts to compete with the iPad with their new Google Pixel Slate. How does the hybrid 2-in-1 stack up, and is it worth the high... Read more
Top Smart Home Gifts to Buy on Black Friday
The Google Home is getting better and better and that’s not going to change any time soon, especially considering Google’s artificial intelligence prowess. Google Home is a huge help to people who want a personal assistant for household tasks. But perhaps the best thing about the Google Assistant has... Read more