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Best of Beauty: 3 Award Winning Face Moisturizers Proven to Fight Signs of Aging
Goodbye, wrinkles. Hello, youthful skin. If you’re like most of us, you’ve been on a life-long search to discover a soothing moisturizer that is best suited to your skin’s potential. We’re here to help you narrow down that search. After much trial and error, we’ve discovered these 5 thirst-quenching... Read more
Results Are In: Best HR Software Features & Prices in 2019
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5 Best Features in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus
To kick off the unveiling of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus, we’ve gathered a list jam-packed with the 5 coolest features included in the new smartphones. The Galaxy Note 10 is not just a new smartphone, it’s a gaming console, a film studio,... Read more
Pulling a Six Figure Income Without a College Degree Could be Easier Than You Think
No one will argue that a college degree can be worth its weight in gold, however unlike in the past, one can still get a lucrative six-figure job without the degree. It remains true that with associate’s or bachelor’s degrees employees do earn more on average but you can even get... Read more
Bored? Find The Top Tourist Attractions in Your State
America, one of the world’s greatest attractions from sea to shining sea, offers non stop excitement, wonder, and jaw dropping astonishment. From natural wonders to man-made works of art, to the epitaph of human accomplishments. There is something to see everywhere you go. There may be seven established natural... Read more
Which Dog Breed is Right for Your Family
The history and evolution of the magical bond between man and dog is truly a divine miracle of unfathomable symbiotic benefit. A guardian whose senses were keener than those of a genius detective, a protector with speed and endurance beyond that of an Olympian, and a friend whose courage... Read more
Small Business Outlook: Top POS Systems of 2019
As a small business owner, you’re probably spending a lot of your time, effort, and attention on the process that leads up to the point when a customer makes a purchase. But what about that very moment? The exact point of sale? A POS is a point of sale... Read more
Top 5 Successful Franchises You Should Invest In
A new year is coming, and new years bring along with them new ideas, inspiration and opportunities. If you’re still waiting for your next great idea, then you should consider a franchise investment. That’s right, 2019 may be your year to open your very own franchise and become your own boss.... Read more
Top 5 Android Devices for 2018
With a user base comprising roughly two thirds of the world’s smartphone owners, Android is the world’s most popular mobile operating system. The availability of the software for device makers is a key reason for the popularity. The Android OS is universally compatible and available without restrictions. The other... Read more