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Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Discover the Best Tech Deals From Your Favorite Retailers
To go out and fight the crowds or to stay home and vigilantly watch your favorite retail site- It’s an age-old debate between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Both are amazing times to get great deals. That’s why we’ve made the decision easier for you. We’ve highlighted the best... Read more
Is Medicare Supplement Plan F Being Discontinued?
Plan F covers more costs than any other Medigap policy and is the most comprehensive of the standardized Medicare Supplement plans available in most states. But these plans might not be sold after 2020… Medicare Supplement Plan F is a specific type of Medicare Supplement (also called Medigap) plan.... Read more
5 Psoriasis Myths Debunked
Psoriasis affects about 7.5 million people just in the United States. There are so many misconceptions about psoriasis, even by those who are affected. For the sake of those living with the condition, we’re here to clear up some of those myths. 1. Psoriasis is contagious First things first,... Read more
Best Bluetooth Headphones for Running
Running is pretty much the healthiest things you can do with a spare half-hour. The exercise and cardio you get from going out for a jog can help you to stay in shape and stave off all kinds of diseases related to a sedentary lifestyle. There’s only one issue:... Read more
Nintendo Switch Lite: The Best Portable Gaming Device for the Price?
Nintendo recently unveiled their newest hardware lineup, the Nintendo Switch Lite. The smaller, cheaper version of their incredibly popular Nintendo Switch system is due out September 20th, coinciding with the release of the updated Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. The Switch Lite is shaping up to be one of... Read more
2019 Ford Ranger: A Worthy Compact Pickup?
After a long eight-year hiatus, the Ford Ranger is back on the market. The 2019 iteration of the vehicle comes in a bit bigger and meaner than some prior builds, which reflects modern trends towards overall larger vehicles, even among compacts. Today we’re looking at the Ford Ranger to... Read more
Side Hustles: Extra Cash for Bills, or Just for Fun!
Who couldn’t use an extra couple of bucks before payday? We’ve all been there: you want to hit a movie with your pals but you’re short the cash. Or, you see a new outfit or video game that you really wish you could squeeze into the budget, but you’ve... Read more
Tips for Getting to Sleep and Staying Asleep
While some people find themselves falling asleep as soon as their head hits the pillow, others find it nearly impossible to get to sleep. Maybe you’re laying there for an hour or more just wishing you could fall asleep. Your mind races and you can’t seem to doze off.... Read more
Buzz Off: Stopping Mosquitoes from Ruining Your Summer Fun
Whether you’re grilling out, spending the day by the pool or just relaxing in the back yard, the last thing you need is a bunch of mosquitoes trying to suck the life out of you. They’re annoying, they’re itchy and they can carry some gnarly diseases. Today we’re going... Read more
Getting the Best Deals on Contact Lenses
Most people who need glasses don’t really think much about their vision. However, if you prefer contacts, you’re likely constantly considering your contacts’ cost, availability, comfort and more. Today we’re going to be looking at some of the more popular contacts brands, and how you can get some of... Read more