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The Funniest Questions and Answers for Amazon’s Alexa
We’ve all asked our digital assistant silly questions just to see how they would answer. It helps offset the reality that you are actually talking to an inanimate object… The folks at Amazon have proven that they are good for a laugh by programming some humor into Alexa. Try... Read more
Amazon Wants to Get into Your Car
What if you could have your Amazon order delivered to your car? Last year, Amazon asked for permission to unlock your front door so it could leave packages inside your home and a certain number of extremely trusting Amazon Prime subscribers said okay. Now, the tech giant wants to... Read more
Create New Skills with Alexa Blueprints
Amazon’s Alexa-enabled devices, including the original Echo, the Dot, and their range of Fire Sticks and Smart TVs, offer plenty of great features. But there’s been one thing missing from the perky virtual assistant: the ability to quickly and easily create your own skills. That changed this week with... Read more
Muse Speaks to Me While I Drive
Speak Music’s Muse is terrific way to bring Alexa voice commands to your car. Plug the Oreo-sized accessory into your car’s USB port or lighter socket and connect it to your phone via Bluetooth and you’ll be able to order Alexa to play and control your music, get the... Read more
SmartPhone Spotlight: BLU R2 PLUS
BLU R2 Plus is a mid-level smartphone that has a good design and build quality. It ships with Android 7.0 and is not for the camera phone junkies. It takes ads to another level by presenting them in the Lock screen. The Great Fingerprint sensor Good display Low price... Read more
5 “Smart Home” gadgets every house should have…
It’s 2018 folks, and the future is here. Astronauts are driving Tesla’s through space and the Reese’s company is doing some really innovative stuff with popcorn. With all this technology around us, it’s easy to take it all for granted and we sometimes don’t get all the use we... Read more
Shipping shakeup? Amazon may deliver some of its own orders
By The Associated Press Amazon’s next move may be to shake up the shipping industry. The online retailer is reportedly planning a new service called “Shipping With Amazon” that will allow it to pick up packages from businesses and deliver them to consumers. The service is expected to start... Read more