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The New Samsung A9 Is Here!
The Samsung A9 is one of the best affordable new options from Samsung! The new Samsung A9 smartphone boasts some serious upgrades over its predecessors. This model is a mid-grade phone that is a great option for people who want a phone with plenty of style and features but are... Read more
Top 5 Android Devices for 2018
With a user base comprising roughly two thirds of the world’s smartphone owners, Android is the world’s most popular mobile operating system. The availability of the software for device makers is a key reason for the popularity. The Android OS is universally compatible and available without restrictions. The other... Read more
Should You Buy an LG V40?
The newest phone from LG, the LG V40, is here and making waves. Is it worthy of all the hype surrounding it? Or is it a lame entry into the packed Android market? Today we’re going to take an in-depth look at this new smartphone and tell you whether... Read more
SmartPhone Spotlight: The Palm
Palm Pilot is back. No this is not a tech throwback, this is legit. Palm is back in action after being shut down in 2011 by HP. A startup out of California now uses the Palm name, and it’s serious about breathing new life into the brand. They are... Read more
Smartphone SpotLight: LG V40
LG’s finest industrial design, power packed Android smartphone. The V40 is distinctive, modern, and stacked with desirable features, a phone seemingly destined for inevitable stardom. To cap off 2018, LG’s releasing the Lg V40. A 5 camera no-nonsense flagship that aims to take the best bits of the G7... Read more
Google Pixel 3 Leaks
Google will hold an event on Tuesday, October 9th, starting at 11AM ET. This will be to unveil the Google Pixel 3. This is the latest and 3 incarnation of googles flagship smartphone. The last 2 have been impressive and the 3 is looking to follow suit. Lets take... Read more
SmartPhone Spotlight: OnePlus 6T
OnePlus’s deal has always been offering flagship-level internals coupled with minimalist software, all for significantly less than similarly-specced devices. The OnePlus 6T has all the right stuff you’d expect for late 2017: a Qualcom Snapdragon 845 processor, SoC, a 6.4-inch, 18:9 screen, and a dual-camera. Is the the smartphone... Read more
Which Tablet is Worth your Money?
Smart phones are nice, but sometimes you want a bigger screen for your smart device. Whether you’re drawing, looking at photos, watching movies or playing games, tablets are awesome addition to your smart device arsenal. When you just want that bigger screen for a handheld touch device, nothing else... Read more
5 Things We Found Out About the Galaxy S9
Think you know everything about the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9+?  We have been posting, researching, speculating on the next big thing in the android world for a year now. Finally it has be unveiled, and we were mostly correct but here are 5 unsuspected things we... Read more
Android Pie Available Now on Pixel Phones
Android P, now officially named Android Pie, is available now on Google’s own Pixel phones. It will be rolled out to other phones near the end of the year, or maybe early in 2019. In any event, the Android OS powers around 90% of all smartphones on Earth, so... Read more