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Need a New Ride? Top Affordable Compact Luxury Cars
Everyone loves getting to drive a nice new car. There’s something about being behind the wheel of a luxury car that’s ineffable and hard to place. It’s like you become the master of your own little domain, able to zoom around corners and go where you want. Not everyone... Read more
How to Save Money on a New Car
Buying a new car comes with a huge cost. You shell out tens of thousands of dollars, or take on the burden of an auto loan. Being able to afford a new car requires years of saving money, researching your options, and digging deep to find the right deal. Yet... Read more
2019 BMW X5: What’s New for 2019
BMW’s name tends to conjure up images of fast-moving, sleek sports vehicles and cutting-edge car technology. However, the company has proved they can make an exciting and responsible SUV in the form of the X5, and this year’s model is no different. Is it worth the hefty price tag,... Read more
Introducing the Vision iNext
No, it’s not the newest Apple phone. The Vision iNext is a crazy-looking concept car from BMW that promises to be all-electric. BMW has introduced the concept as a new direction for their “i line” of cars, such as the i3 and i8. This, however, is iNext, and it... Read more
The New BMW X7 is Here.
When Can we See it? Later in 2018, BMW is slated to put its once concept ,the X7, into production. This new addition to the BWM line promises to be the height of luxury and technology. According to BMW, “The Concept X7 iPerformance embraces spatial luxury. Generously dimensioned windows,... Read more