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Budget Gaming Laptops: Get the Most for Your Money
Anyone who has ever considered getting into PC gaming might have been immediately scared off by a few things. The first thing, of course, is just how complex it can be to build you own gaming rig. The second thing is just how expensive it can be to purchase... Read more
Best Earbuds for Running in 2019
Whether you’re an avid runner, exercise often or just want to get started, having a good pair of earbuds is important. Running can be a bit boring without music to listen to. As such, we’re digging into some of the best earbuds for running available in 2019! Let’s talk... Read more
The Microsoft Spring Sale is On
The Xbox One isn’t exactly killing it in the sales department. While Microsoft carried the day in the prior generation with their Xbox 360, this generation has largely humbled the company. The PS4, with its slate of stellar exclusive titles, has led the pack. On the bright side, this... Read more
Which Offers Better Sound: Analog or Digital?
The long-running debate over digital versus analog recording and playback has long divided music fans. Digital recording has been referred to as compressing and simplifying the sound of music. Analog recording and playback has been derided as outdated and inaccurate, mixing too much noise into the sound. Which one... Read more
Best Cell Phones Money Can Buy in 2019
Smartphones have hit something of a plateau in the last two years. While previous generations of phones were revolutionary, the last two have been more evolutionary. Leaps and bounds have given way to baby steps. That doesn’t mean the top-of-the-line isn’t still the most impressive type of phone you... Read more
Best Call Center Software: Which One is Right For Your Business?
There are countless suites of call center software. It can be difficult narrowing these many, many options down. After all, it’s not like you can afford to just try all of them. What are you to do, then? Thankfully, we’ve got your back. Today we’re looking into some of... Read more
Best Gifts for the Audiophile in Your Life
Music lovers are an awesome bunch. You can always count on them to come in with a great band recommendation, and they’re super easy to shop for. What should you get for an audiophile? That’s easy: something cool to listen to their favorite tunes on! Here’s our gift guide... Read more
Coolest TVs Seen at CES 2019
CES 2019 has came and went, and we’ve seen a ton of new technology that is more than exciting for the future. The consumer electronics show was also the first place that 8K TVs were seen in an official setting! This exciting new TV panel development is a big... Read more
Combat Menstrual Pain without Medication
Menstrual pain can be downright awful for some people. Studies have found that more than ninety percent of women suffer from menstrual pain, and of them, around forty percent describe their menstrual pain as being detrimental to their daily activities. These pains can surface as cramps that make it... Read more
Nintendo President Shuts Down N64 Classic Rumors
With the monumental success of the SNES Classic and NES Classic, the N64 Classic looked like a sure thing. However, in a recent interview, Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America President, shut down any hopes of the system coming any time soon. Why is Nintendo not pushing forward with this... Read more