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Best All New Wireless Headphones for 2019
Whether you’re looking for a good pair of headphones for working out or just something to wear while drowning out sounds during your commute, not having to fuss with wires is a huge plus. No one wants to worry about the tangle of wires in their pocket or bag,... Read more
Soul Electronics Blade Earbuds Review: Great for Fitness Fans
True wireless earbuds are great for fitness-focused people. Whether you’re into swimming, running, cycling or hiking, having earbuds that don’t require wires is a huge help. If they’re also weather-resistant and high-quality, that’s just a win-win. Today we’re looking at the Soul Electronics Blade earbuds to see how they... Read more
Stop Losing Luggage!..Best Luggage Tracking Options
We’ve all been there. Waiting for your luggage to come around that conveyor belt, patiently standing around, just to realize that you’ve seen that pink suitcase come around three times and there’s no sign of your luggage. If you’ve ever waited impatiently at a baggage claim only to slowly... Read more
Cutting-Edge Tech You Can’t Have Yet
If there’s anything we love, it’s new cutting-edge technology. Crowdfunding sites are a great place to look for new, up-and-coming gadgets that push the bar ever higher. If you’re like us, you love to check these cool new gadgets out. If you’re looking to stay ahead of the game... Read more
IFA 2018 Rumor Roundup
IFA occurs yearly in the German capital, rounding up tons of new types of consumer technology. Everyone who’s anyone in the world of technology will be there, and we can expect to see tons of new types of tech. From smartphones to smart home speakers to anything else you... Read more
Top Ten Gadgets for Traveling
It’s that time of year when you’ll likely find yourself traveling. Whether you’re going on vacation with family, going hiking, or just taking a trip to the pool, you’ll want to bring the right gadgets. Today, we’re looking at the top ten gadgets for traveling! Make sure you don’t... Read more
Shaken, not Stirred: Coolest James Bond Gadgets
If there’s anything people remember about Bond, it’s the gadgets. While the titular hero of the James Bond series is suave and charismatic, it’s his awesome gadgets that set him apart. If you’ve ever wished you had an oil-slick in your car, this list is for you. Today, we’re... Read more
The Coolest Crowdfunded Gadget Ideas You Can’t Have Yet
If you’re a hardcore tech enthusiast, you definitely keep your eyes open for crowdfunding projects. There’s always some crazy idea being crowdfunded on one of the various funding sites. While some of them are stinkers, a ton of awesome gems go up every day! Today we’ve got a roundup of some... Read more
What’s Cooking? Greatest Grill Gadget for this Summer!
You’ve got your friends, your beers and your tunes. It’s time to cook up a storm! Everyone in the neighborhood needs to know you’re the grill master, right? Make sure you grill in style with these awesome grill gadgets! If you’re looking to up your backyard game, look no further!... Read more
Ten Coolest Pieces of Star Trek Tech
When the original Star Trek first hit airwaves in the late 60’s, it was concerned ahead of its time. While it boasted social understanding and politics that were ahead of its time, it also showcased awesome technology. Some experts even claim that the show may have helped inspire technological... Read more