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YouTube TV Adds More Channels, Goes Up in Price Again
Despite being touted as one of the more accessible ways to watch Internet TV, YouTube TV is being less so. This month marks yet another price increase for the service. When it launched a short two years ago, YouTube TV was a respectable $35 per month. Now, it’ll cost... Read more
Smartphone Rumors: Budget Google Pixel 3a
A potential slip on the part of the Google Store has hinted that Google’s rumored Pixel 3a could be coming soon. The Pixel 3a will be a midrange, budget-friendly version of Google’s stellar Pixel 3 phone. This comes amid growing concerns that smartphones are pricing normal users out of... Read more
Google Stadia: What is it, and What Does it Mean?
Google recently announced their upcoming Stadia game-streaming service, and people have been talking. Google promises seamless streaming of 4K, AAA game without the end-user needing any hardware besides a screen and an internet connection. Is this too good to be true? What could this mean for the gaming industry?... Read more
Pixel Slate: Why Can’t Google Get Tablets?
Google’s been fighting to make a name for themselves as a hardware manufacturer. Scattered successes, like the Google Pixel smartphone, have been tempered by oddball releases like Google Home and Google Wi-Fi. One notable failure for the company, however, has been the sure-fire winner Pixel Slate, which has failed... Read more
Google Hardware News for 2019: Expect More Pixel Devices
Early reports of the “Made by Google” lineup for 2019 are here, thanks to Japanese newspaper Nikkei. The biggest news is mostly unsurprising, though it’s nice to have solid locks on the pieces of tech we’ve been speculating about. Namely, a budget Google Pixel, a Google Pixel 4, a... Read more
Google Pixel Slate: A Worthy iPad Competitor?
Apple is a hard act to follow. Their electronics have been the benchmark for smart devices for more than a decade now. Google now attempts to compete with the iPad with their new Google Pixel Slate. How does the hybrid 2-in-1 stack up, and is it worth the high... Read more
Top 5 Android Devices for 2018
With a user base comprising roughly two thirds of the world’s smartphone owners, Android is the world’s most popular mobile operating system. The availability of the software for device makers is a key reason for the popularity. The Android OS is universally compatible and available without restrictions. The other... Read more
Google Pixel 3 Leaks
Google will hold an event on Tuesday, October 9th, starting at 11AM ET. This will be to unveil the Google Pixel 3. This is the latest and 3 incarnation of googles flagship smartphone. The last 2 have been impressive and the 3 is looking to follow suit. Lets take... Read more
A Google One Subscription and I Didnt Even Know It
Way, way back, all the way to a few months ago, Google announced Google One. Their new subscription program for getting more Google Drive storage and other increasable but not Amazon Prime deals and subscriptions. Remember this? Me either, but Over the course of the last few weeks, Google... Read more
Android Pie Available Now on Pixel Phones
Android P, now officially named Android Pie, is available now on Google’s own Pixel phones. It will be rolled out to other phones near the end of the year, or maybe early in 2019. In any event, the Android OS powers around 90% of all smartphones on Earth, so... Read more