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Nest CEO Steps Down After Google Rearranges
Google acquired smart thermometer maker Nest in 2014. Nest, founded by ex-Apple engineer Tony Fadell, has experienced a ton of shakeups lately. New reports from C-NET indicate that Alphabet, Google’s parent company, even shopped the company around to Amazon at one point. Given Google and Amazon’s current relationship, that’s... Read more
Google’s Duplex AI Now Open to Beta Testing
The eerily human-sounding Duplex AI is now in its beta testing phase. The technology sparked a ton of interest when it was introduced at Google’s I/O 2018 conference. On the one hand, this kind of human-sounding virtual assistant was surely the next step for the technology.   However, concerns were... Read more
Rumor Roundup: Google Pixel 3
Google’s Pixel line of phones hasn’t dethroned iPhone the way it may have hoped, but it’s done a fair job impressing reviewers. The Pixel 2, for instance, is considered one of the best smartphones in the world right now. Behind, of course, the Galaxy 9 and iPhone X. That one likely stings... Read more
Feature Round-Up: Acer Chromebook Tab 10
While Android tablets are all but dead now, Google is still interested in using tablets for educators and students. To that end, the first tablet running Chrome OS, the Chromebook Tab 10, is slated to be the best classroom slate yet. We’ve got a quick roundup of some of... Read more
Google Maps and Uber Fall Out
Uber and Google Maps have been integrated since January of 2017. However, in the newest Android update, that integration has been rescinded. Previously, users were able to see prices and hail Ubers directly through the Google Maps app. Uber was the only service that offered direct integration through the Maps app.... Read more
Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay; Which is the Best Virtual Wallet?
Between Apple, Samsung and Google there are a ton of virtual wallet apps looking to power your transactions. Today we’ll break them down based on their strengths and weaknesses and tell you which one is our favorite!  Google Pay  Google Pay and Apple Pay have a lot in common. They both use NFC... Read more
Having Trouble Connecting? Check out Our Favorite Wireless Routers
Nothing’s more frustrating than being in the middle of your favorite show and having the signal drop out. Or, worse, playing a match of your favorite game and then the dreaded “disconnected” image pops up. What are some of the best wireless routers to make sure this doesn’t happen... Read more
Google Removes Eggs from Salad Emoji for Vegan Inclusivity
Emojis are serious business, guys. If you had any doubts, just check out this news from Google. Google’s salad emoji, which used to contain eggs, is now forgoing them in favor of being more vegan friendly! Uh, alright, cool! That salad looks kind of lame, though. Maybe throw some... Read more
Android P vs iOS 12: Which Tech Giant is Leading the Future of Smartphones?
Both Apple and Google have announced their upcoming smartphone OS updates. On the Apple side, we have iOS 12, a largely iterative and incremental update. Android P, on the other hand, is an OS playing catch-up. It represents Google’s attempt to replicate Apple-like functionality on their open, developer-first platform.... Read more
Xbox Systems to Support Voice Assistants Like Alexa
A new report from Windows Central has shown a screenshot of options for voice assistants in Xbox One. While the system already has support through the (now shuttered) Kinect service via Cortana, the Windows Central report goes beyond Microsoft’s proprietary AI. The report indicates Google Assistant and Alexa would both be... Read more