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Microsoft Surface Headphones: Worth the Money?
Microsoft is entering the headphone market with their new Surface Headphones. This is yet another move by Microsoft to compete directly with Apple as an electronics manufacturer. Priced at $350, are the Microsoft Surface Headphones worth their price tag? Let’s get into the specifics. Microsoft Surface Headphones Review Design... Read more
Which Tablet is Worth your Money?
Smart phones are nice, but sometimes you want a bigger screen for your smart device. Whether you’re drawing, looking at photos, watching movies or playing games, tablets are awesome addition to your smart device arsenal. When you just want that bigger screen for a handheld touch device, nothing else... Read more
Tech Throwback: Windows 95
I like to take a look at where I’ve been to evaluate where Im going. Technology is cyclical after all… wait no its not. That said I still like all the feels that come rushing back like a flood of nostalgia every time I get my hand on the... Read more
Biggest Changes in the October Update for Windows 10
As of late, Microsoft has been releasing twice-yearly updates for Windows 10. The ubiquitous operating system last received a major overhaul in April with the previous update. Now, the October Update for Windows 10 is right around the corner and we’re eager to see what it brings. As such,... Read more
Microsoft Unveils Limited Edition Greaseproof Controller
Microsoft has announced the next big thin in gaming innovation: grease-proof controllers. The rub (ha) is that they only made 200 of them. And they’re only available in Australia. Through an online giveaway. If your excitement just deflated faster than a popped balloon, you’re not alone. We also wanted... Read more
Microsoft to Offer Free Xbox with Two Year Agreement
In a move that looks familiar to cell phone providers, Microsoft is looking to give subscribers hardware for a monthly fee. That’s right, there might soon come a day when those who want an Xbox can get one for very little up front and start playing tons of games... Read more
Apple’s iPad vs Microsoft’s Surface Go: Which Tablet Wins?
With the Microsoft Surface Go taking on the iPad, many are wondering which tablet wins in a head-to-head. While neither is the most powerful in its respective hardware family, the two are both priced aggressively. The iPad is $329, while the Surface Go is $399, putting them in pretty... Read more
Rumor Mill: Microsoft Working on New Operating System
While the paint has barely dried on Windows 10, rumor has it that Microsoft has something up its sleeve. Synaptics, a company involved with AMD, has released a statement regarding their work on state-of-the-art biometric security measures. According to Synaptics’ press release, the system will be for use in... Read more
Microsoft Surface Go Early Impressions
The Microsoft Surface Pro is easily one of the finest two-in-one tablets in the world. As such, it’s surprising that Microsoft has struggled to create a smaller version of the tablet that impresses. The Surface Pro is pretty big, all said, coming in at nearly 13 inches. The new... Read more
Technology Rumors: Microsoft’s Andromeda May Not Materialize
Microsoft’s rumored dual-screen “Andromeda” device might not become a reality after all. Leaked APIs and patents for a folding, phone-sized device have been swirling for some time. The project is said to have been headed by Terry Myerson during his time at Microsoft, but he departed the company back... Read more