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Goodbye MoviePass
It is now time to dump Moviepass. I have been an avid supporter and a celebrated recruiter for Moviepass. I’ve championed Moviepass to everyone I know and gained many subscriptions for the Movie Theater subscription company. Unfortunately, with a heavy heart, I am today canceling my subscription. Why say... Read more
The Latest MoviePass Update
Here we go again, I got another one of those update emails from MoviePass CEO. This is the latest MoviePass update and it is  changing it’s service yet again. This time they say it is for good, I have my doubts. In this MoviePass Update it will significantly limit... Read more
Moviepass on Life Support
First off I want to give a big thank you to Moviepass . Thanks to you its been a terrific summer at the movies. I have seen everything I could stomach to sit through. Yes I even saw Oceans 8. Going through my history in the Moviepass app I... Read more
Moviepass Updates
MoviePass has revolutionized the Theater and Movie industry in the last year. From a mere 20,000 subscribers last summer to just tipping in at over 3 million in a year. This isn’t a good idea or novel service. No this is a revolution to a tanking industry. For years... Read more
You Need a MoviePass Subscription for Summer
Moviepass is an incredible deal, if you don’t have one already you are really missing out. Yes, there are many arguably nonsensical reasons not to get one. Its too good to be true, I heard their investment company is running out of money,I don’t like that they know what... Read more
MoviePass Is Back
A few weeks ago MoviePass tried to quietly downgrade its movie theater subscription service to a limit of 3 movie per month. Thankfully MoviePass has come to their senses and went  back to its old one-movie-per-day plan. CEO Mitch Lowe now says the subscription service is “absolutely committed” to... Read more
MoviePass is Raising Prices and Lowering Movie Tickets Per Month
Big-time movie fans were amazed and thrilled when a concept called MoviePass was first launched. For a single payment of $89.95 upfront, or $7.50 a month, a MoviePass customer could see one movie a day for a one-year subscription. For someone who sees multiple movies a month, or who... Read more
Could This Be the Beginning of the End for MoviePass?
Sometimes, a deal sounds too good to be true. That’s how many consumers reacted when MoviePass announced that for just ten bucks a month, you could see one movie a day in the theater. The company reimburses the theater for a full-price ticket every time one of their cardholders... Read more
Its a  Deal with MoviePass
MoviePass is an American subscription-based movie ticketing service. Founded in 2011 and headquartered in New York City, the service allows subscribers to purchase a single movie ticket per day for a flat subscription fee per month   The Great Terrific value great interface and useabilty Very Convenient Unlimited Movies... Read more