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Netflix Cancels Punisher and Jessica Jones
It’s official: the era of live-action Marvel TV shows on Netflix has come to a close. After each show got a few seasons and the crossover “Defenders,” it looks like the Netflix MCU is now history. The last show we’ll see on the service will be the third season... Read more
Bojack Horseman Season 5 Review Roundup
The fifth season of Bojack Horseman is upon us, and it’s excellent. If you haven’t caught this show yet, you’re missing out. Following the misadventures of a washed-up actor, the title character, the show deftly handles themes of mental illness and grief. It largely works based on how well... Read more
Iron Fist Season 2 is Here: Does it Redeem Danny Rand?
Iron Fist’s first season was rocky, to say the least. Uneven pacing and strange narrative choices melded with poorly-choreographed fights to make a mess of a season. Glimmers of hope, such as Finn Jones’ occasionally likable but often whiny Danny Rand, got buried under half-hearted fights and boring board... Read more
Iron Fist Season 2 Set to Redeem Danny Rand
A new trailer for Iron Fist season 2 is upon us, and man does it look sweet. Marvel’s (second) coolest martial artist Danny Rand debuted in 2017 with a lackluster standalone series. (Shang-Chi, the Master of Kung Fu, is the coolest, in case you didn’t know.) Notable show-killer Scott... Read more
Netflix to Stop Offering User Reviews
After July 30th, Netflix users will no longer be able to write reviews for shows on the website. After August, you won’t be able to read any pre-existing reviews, either. Netflix broke this news recently and stated that the reason behind it was lack of interest in the feature.... Read more
Luke Cage Season 2: What’s in Store for the Unbreakable Man?
If you’re still reeling from Avengers: Infinity War and looking for some more Marvel to whet your appetite before Ant Man and the Wasp swoop in, I have good news for you! Luke Cage Season 2 hits Netflix on June 22nd. If you’ve been following the man with unbreakable skin, you’ll... Read more
Seismic Shifts: Netflix Now Worth More than Comcast
Cord cutters: it’s working. Comcast, everyone’s least favorite telecom company, is now worth less than streaming giant Netflix. This is a monumental moment, signaling the pendulum shift from traditional cable to streaming services. For many users, this is hardly a bad thing.   Netflix Ruling the Roost?  Netflix is a giant in... Read more
Which Streaming App is Best?
There are many streaming services and apps vying for your money and your eyes. Which ones do we love? Which streaming app is our favorite for bingeing shows and for having movie night? Read on to find out! Sling Orange Sling is a cool idea. While more and more... Read more
Its a  Deal with MoviePass
MoviePass is an American subscription-based movie ticketing service. Founded in 2011 and headquartered in New York City, the service allows subscribers to purchase a single movie ticket per day for a flat subscription fee per month   The Great Terrific value great interface and useabilty Very Convenient Unlimited Movies... Read more