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Xbox Live Coming to Nintendo Switch
No, you didn’t read that headline wrong. Microsoft’s Xbox Live is coming to the Nintendo Switch, per a recent listing from the upcoming Game Developer’s Conference. The news comes courtesy of a description for Microsoft’s presentation during the show. Is this the start of a new era of cooperation... Read more
Nintendo Switch: First 20 Months in Perspective
The Nintendo Switch was released in March of 2017. In the intervening 20 months it has revitalized a struggling Nintendo and reignited interest in the company’s most exciting properties. Recently, Nintendo showed off that they have sold 8.2 million Switch units in the US alone. That’s… that’s absolutely crazy.... Read more
Nintendo President Shuts Down N64 Classic Rumors
With the monumental success of the SNES Classic and NES Classic, the N64 Classic looked like a sure thing. However, in a recent interview, Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America President, shut down any hopes of the system coming any time soon. Why is Nintendo not pushing forward with this... Read more
Top Ten Nintendo Console Redesigns
News broke last week regarding the possibility of a redesign for the Nintendo Switch. From the very first Nintendo console, the Game and Watch, console redesigns have been a huge part of Nintendo’s business strategy. Today, in honor of the potential new Switch, we’re looking at the top ten... Read more
Ten Coolest Things Announced in the 9/13 Nintendo Direct
It’s a good time to be a Switch owner! There are some huge things coming to Nintendo’s hybrid console. On Thursday, we learned all about some of the biggest things coming to Switch in the next few months. We don’t know about you guys, but we’re pretty excited! While... Read more
Ten Biggest Changes in Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Super Smash Bros Ultimate is just around the corner, releasing on December 7th. As it stands, we’re incredibly excited for the massive overall that the ultimate entry in this storied series. While this is the 5th entry in the long-running franchise, it looks poised to shake things up in... Read more
Mega Man 11 Demo Live on Switch, Others
Mega Man 11, the hotly anticipated newest entry in the platforming series, is coming out on October 2nd. Before it releases, however, players will have a chance to play the demo, which is available now on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4. Fans of the Blue Bomber will have... Read more
Tech Throwback: Top 5 Nintendo Games
I like to take a look at where I’ve been to evaluate where Im going. Technology is cyclical after all… wait no its not. That said I still like all the feels that come rushing back like a flood of nostalgia every time I get my hand on the... Read more
Nintendo Striking Down ROM Sites, Sparking Conversation about Preservation
In the most recent string of high-profile lawsuits, Nintendo has struck down numerous popular ROM sites that were operating illegally. Under the letter of the law, distributing video games, even thirty-year-old ones, is illegal if you don’t have the express consent of the copyright holder. However, seeing Nintendo take... Read more
Top Ten Reasons to be Hyped for Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Super Smash Bros Ultimate comes out on December 7th, 2018. It will absolutely be the best game of the year and everyone who is even passingly interested in video games is excited. If you’ve been checked out of gaming news recently, you might be a bit confused as to... Read more