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Finally the Razer 2
I’ve been waiting for this news for a while. I kept asking when is Razer going to make a move for a new phone. Well Things are heating up in the Android market. We have seen the Note 9 and Pixel 3 release this month. There were very few... Read more
Top 5 Gaming Laptops for 2018
It takes a lot of stones to be a full fledged gaming laptop and those stones come a large price. These gaming laptops are built to handle what ever our nest and most bizarre gaming programmers can throw at them, and they do it with style and grace. Today... Read more
Razer Expands RGB Support to Third Parties
Serious PC gaming doesn’t require you to have a flashy assortment of glowing peripherals and PC parts. It does, however, look super awesome. WIth tha in mind, Razer has expanded their back-end Chroma support to work with a wider range of manufacturers’ hardware.   Wait, What? RGB? Synchronization?  RGB is a type of lighting that is... Read more
Razer Blade 2018: Worth the Hype?
Razer’s name is synonymous with computer gaming. Despite some diversions, like the Razer phone, the company is still dedicated to delivering top-notch gaming experiences. The new line of Razer Blade gaming laptops is no exception. What are some early impressions of the new line? Is it worth all the hype? And,... Read more
GoodBye 14 inch Razer Blade,  Hello 15.6 inch
Razer is the hipster king of gaming laptops. For the last 5 years the 14 inch Razer Blade has been the cornerstone of their lineup. That is  all going to change now. No longer will Razer be offering the 14 inch super laptop. Instead they will be offering a... Read more
Xiaomi Rumors and Gossip
Xiaomi is getting ready to launch a gaming-oriented phone, similar to what we’ve seen with the Razer phone. The phone is slated for an official unveil next Friday, April 13, and a new teaser out  gives us a glimpse at the design language. So far not alot of details... Read more