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Apex Legends Tops 10 Million Players
EA has had a surprise bit of good fortune with the release of Apex Legends, the newest game in the Titanfall series. Despite being free-to-play, battle royale, rife with microtransactions and bereft of giant mechs or wall-running, this “Titanfall” game has now seen 10 million players since its release... Read more
Red Dead Redemption 2 Multiplayer — How to Get in the Beta
The Red Dead Redemption 2 multiplayer beta is live now! How can you get in on the Wild-West action? Today we’ll tell you how you can join in the fun and what to expect. It’s time to get back on the horse and ride off into the sunset for... Read more
Top Ten Nintendo Console Redesigns
News broke last week regarding the possibility of a redesign for the Nintendo Switch. From the very first Nintendo console, the Game and Watch, console redesigns have been a huge part of Nintendo’s business strategy. Today, in honor of the potential new Switch, we’re looking at the top ten... Read more
Best-Selling Video Games of All Time
Video games have come a long way from being considered little more than kids’ toys. Now classified as a proper art form, video games have outsold many other forms of entertainment media. After all, who doesn’t love a good video game? With that in mind, today we’re looking at... Read more
Top Ten Video Game Controllers
From the very first home video game console until today, nothing has defined a system more than its controller. The original Atari 2600 was well-known for its joy-stick controller, and Nintendo has made a name for itself as a controller innovator. Today, we’re taking a look at the ten... Read more
Flop Ten: Worst Marvel Video Games of all Time
When it comes to superheroes and awesome stories, no one beats Marvel. However, their characters don’t always translate beautifully to video games. While some of their video games have been awesome (Spider-Man 2 comes to mind) others have been downright awful. Today, we’re taking a look at the worst... Read more
Mega Man 11 Demo Live on Switch, Others
Mega Man 11, the hotly anticipated newest entry in the platforming series, is coming out on October 2nd. Before it releases, however, players will have a chance to play the demo, which is available now on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4. Fans of the Blue Bomber will have... Read more
Flop Ten: Worst Reboots in Video Games
Video games are a funny medium. When things start to look less than ideal for game companies, they’re quick to redesign and reboot characters. However, generally these reboots err too far on the side of “edgy” or just plain lame. Gaming has come a long way, but sometime awful... Read more
Nintendo Striking Down ROM Sites, Sparking Conversation about Preservation
In the most recent string of high-profile lawsuits, Nintendo has struck down numerous popular ROM sites that were operating illegally. Under the letter of the law, distributing video games, even thirty-year-old ones, is illegal if you don’t have the express consent of the copyright holder. However, seeing Nintendo take... Read more
Hottest Video Games for Holiday 2018
The holiday season is often replete with the year’s biggest games, and 2018 will be no exception. This holiday season is shaping up to be a real doozy for fans of all the major game consoles! The biggest names are showing up in force this year. To help you... Read more