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The Microsoft Spring Sale is On
The Xbox One isn’t exactly killing it in the sales department. While Microsoft carried the day in the prior generation with their Xbox 360, this generation has largely humbled the company. The PS4, with its slate of stellar exclusive titles, has led the pack. On the bright side, this... Read more
Xbox Live Coming to Nintendo Switch
No, you didn’t read that headline wrong. Microsoft’s Xbox Live is coming to the Nintendo Switch, per a recent listing from the upcoming Game Developer’s Conference. The news comes courtesy of a description for Microsoft’s presentation during the show. Is this the start of a new era of cooperation... Read more
Microsoft Unveils Limited Edition Greaseproof Controller
Microsoft has announced the next big thin in gaming innovation: grease-proof controllers. The rub (ha) is that they only made 200 of them. And they’re only available in Australia. Through an online giveaway. If your excitement just deflated faster than a popped balloon, you’re not alone. We also wanted... Read more
Microsoft to Offer Free Xbox with Two Year Agreement
In a move that looks familiar to cell phone providers, Microsoft is looking to give subscribers hardware for a monthly fee. That’s right, there might soon come a day when those who want an Xbox can get one for very little up front and start playing tons of games... Read more
Xbox System “Scarlett,” Coming in 2020, Rumored to Stream Cloud Games
The Xbox One, released in May of 2013, has lived a pretty long life as far as consoles go. However, new rumors point to the end of its life-cycle as Microsoft ramps up for the next generation of gaming consoles. According to the rumors, Microsoft actually has two new... Read more
Mouse and Keyboard Controls Coming to Xbox One Soon
Microsoft’s initiative to make their home console as accessible as possible continues with support for mouse and keyboard controls. A recently leaked internal video aimed at developers outlined the company’s plans to extend full support for the control scheme soon. According to the video, any non-Bluetooth Windows mouse and any USB... Read more
Microsoft Announces Xbox Scarlett
Taking the stage at the E3, Microsoft was quickly confirmed that it was designing new Xbox hardware. Microsoft Xbox Scarlett, but when can I play it? looks like it will be a lot sooner then originally planned. Our sources have claimed that the next-gen Xbox, nicknamed Scarlett, should launch... Read more
Microsoft Looking to Shore Up First-Party Development for Xbox, Buys Four Game Studios
During their E3 press conference, Microsoft aimed to dispel the doubts about the Xbox One. The biggest doubts they took aim at, of course, where those of exclusive games. Recently, Sony has been absolutely sprinting past Xbox in terms of sales, and many gamers chalk this up to the exclusives. Sony has... Read more
E3 Conference and What You Need To Know
Its that video game-glastic time of the year were we get a glimps of the future of our obsession. gaming. This year the E3 conference is slated for a slew of great and exciting news, loaded with games and consoles to set our hearts and minds racing like the... Read more
Xbox Systems to Support Voice Assistants Like Alexa
A new report from Windows Central has shown a screenshot of options for voice assistants in Xbox One. While the system already has support through the (now shuttered) Kinect service via Cortana, the Windows Central report goes beyond Microsoft’s proprietary AI. The report indicates Google Assistant and Alexa would both be... Read more